Sunday, November 28, 2010

Say cheese!

For years, I resisted the photo card for Christmas.  I didn't have a really good reason, but preferred to send the non-photo type out.  Now that we have kids, I have converted to the photo card.  Sure, most of my friends and family are on Facebook, but not all of them are.  Also, I have been really bad the past year or so about uploading photos to Facebook or here on my blog. 

I am planning to send out photo cards this year, but the problem is that Zoe will not look at a camera.  So, posing both kids together is not an option.  I learned my lesson last year when I dressed up both the kids, set up my child-sized rocking chair in front of the Christmas tree, and had Zach kneel next to the chair with his arm around it.  Zoe would zoom in and out of the room, sometimes sitting in the chair for a second or so.  I had to be ready with the camera, and after about 30 minutes, I did manage to get a decent shot. 

This year, I am planning to use candid shots that were taken separately of the kids.  We don't do family photos outside of the ones that the kids both take twice a year at school, but I am pretty good at taking pictures at any activity that we do. Shutterfly has some gorgeous card designs, and here are a few of my favorites:

I haven't decided which ones I am going to use it; there are too many choices!  Shutterfly also has all sorts of other products that would make great Christmas gifts.  There are wall calendars, birthday invitations, and all sorts of Christmas photo cards.  If you can imagine it, Shutterfly has it.  Be sure to go and check out their website for their full range of products.

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