Saturday, September 24, 2005

Goodbye, Rita!

We made it through the night virtually unscathed. We all slept downstairs in our office, and the wind never howled. If it did, it didn't wake us up. We have leaves and pine needles everywhere, and a couple of small branches down. We never lost power, either. I guess we can start cleaning up once it stops sprinkling.

It's going to be an exciting rest of the weekend! If we sit in the house, Zach is going to drive us crazy, but we don't want to drive around too much. We don't know when the gas stations will be refilled, or when other businesses will reopen. It would be nice to go out to dinner for my birthday, but I guess that will have to wait. I could clean, but it would just get dirtied immediately. I have a couple of library books, so I guess I can read those. Darren will probably work on his website all day. What an exciting bunch we are!

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