Sunday, August 31, 2008

Hurricane Party

We have six extra people staying with us for the duration. Darren's sister called earlier in the week to make "reservations" at our house in case Gustav headed their way. Darren and I started picking things up to make room for company, and the house looks better than it has in a while. My new vacuum cleaner did a wonderful job, too.

Erin, Steven, Morgan and Maggie arrived today noonish after staying up until 1:30 this morning to board up their house. It took them about five hours to get here, which was a whole lot faster than we expected. Zachary is very excited to have his cousin Maggie here, and we had fun today going to Market Street. Zach and Maggie played in the fountain while Erin, Morgan and I looked through the shops.

Mom and Dad really didn't want to evacuate, because they are leaving for San Francisco on Thursday, and they were worried about how their 19-year-old cat would react. Dad spent all of yesterday building a wall across their sunroom, and once a voluntary evacuation order was announced for Lafayette, they decided to come here, as well. They packed up all of their valuables and pets, and left home early this afternoon. It took them a little over five hours as well, and their elderly cat had no idea what happened. They picked him up, bed and all, and put him in his crate. Since they arrived, he has stayed on the couch, with his bed next to him. It helps that the couch belonged to Mom and Dad until about a week ago, I'm sure. The dog is fine, too.

We had a nice evening, grilling burgers and telling stories. Tomorrow, we may try to go and check out Houston's new outlet mall. Even though it isn't the best circumstance, it is still a holiday weekend, and we'll try to make the best of it.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008


Isn't it sad when you go to fill up your car and you get excited when gas is ONLY $3.36? Of course, the guy at the pump next to me was actually thrilled. He was in Miami last week, and it was $4.78 per gallon. Wow.

The first two days of school have gone fairly smoothly. Some of us are adjusting to our new sleep schedule better than others. Zachary was up until after midnight last night, and was horribly cranky this morning. I thought he was going to bed early tonight, but he and his dad are bonding while playing Zelda on the Wii. It's time for the boys to put their toy away and quit playing!

I have no idea how things have gone for Zachary. In his words, school is fine, and they haven't learned anything. What I got out of him was that they made a picture of their family yesterday, and he drew his sister to look like a cat. Today, they did math, and the teacher told them that there wouldn't be any homework this year. I don't believe that.

Zoe has adjusted all right to her babysitter again. She has come home filthy the past two days, has cried when I leave in the mornings, and her sitter was not putting her down for a nap until I picked her up today. That's not cool, since she goes to bed at 7:30. We came home, and she slept from 3:30-6:00.

I'm not sure how things are going for me just yet. I logged in to my online Psychology class yesterday, and completed the first two weeks' worth of work. I went to orientation for my kinesiology class, and am proud to say that I have worked out for the past two days. I had my first A&P 2 class today, and don't know what to make of it yet. The teacher is obviously passionate about teaching, but we spent class time introducing each other, discussing study skills, and discussing time management. She spent maybe the last ten minutes of class discussing the syllabus, and I have a 5-page homework assignment that involves answering questions about the syllabus. We'll see how this goes! She feels that we shouldn't work or take other classes with A&P; I sure wish I had that luxury! Tests are scheduled for times outside of class, which I find strange. I've blocked off the times of class to be there, but I don't need to be on campus at any other time. I'll have to go in to school to take my tests on weekends.

I am going to my new school tomorrow morning to meet with the teacher of the other three-year-old class. I am excited, yet nervous about this new adventure. I just know I will love teaching without having to worry about grades and TAKS. It will be fun to play with the kids, but I need to feel like I know what I am doing.

Time to go read for class...

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Wish I Had Time...

to post a full entry right now. There's so much to cram in before school starts, and I feel like the clutter in my house is going to take over the world.

I've been talking to my teacher friends, and am ever thankful that I don't have to do that this year. We will have to make a lot of sacrifices, like my housekeepers who are coming for the last time tomorrow, but I think it will all be worth it. I get to spend more time with my kids, will be less stressed out and hopefully a nicer person, and in a few years when I graduate from nursing school, I will only have to work three days a week, and make more than I did as a teacher. I am so excited about teaching preschool this year, and can't wait to start!

We went to Zach's meet the teacher night tonight, and he got the teachers that I really wanted. He has several Cub Scout friends in his class, and his first grade teacher is next door to his current classroom. She can check up on him from time to time. Since it's his third year at that school, it really feels like being part of a community. From the time we arrived until we made it to the classroom, it took almost an hour, because of stopping and talking to friends we know. I made a few Cub Scout connections, and will hopefully get some new members. The Girl Scouts had a table set up outside the doors, and I plan to do the same for open house in a few weeks.

Saturday is Zachary's birthday, and we are praying for nice weather. It has rained all week, since it's the last week of summer, and we've been stuck indoors. We are supposed to have a few friends meet us at a pool to swim, and I don't have a plan B. Maybe dinner at a pizza restaurant, or a movie? I just don't want them over here.

Mom and Dad are coming in tomorrow for the weekend, and are bringing us new living room furniture. I posted our old set on Craigslist, and am hoping that someone will come and get it tomorrow.

I am very excited about our year in Cub Scouts. Our annual popcorn sale just kicked off; let me know if you are interested in buying some yummy popcorn. It makes great teacher and client gifts for Christmas!

All right, I need to go work on the stuff lined up against the wall in the dining room. It's mostly Zach's old school papers, and old greeting cards. The good thing is that I am getting less and less attached to it as each day goes by. I'm going in with a garbage bag...

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Stolen idea from another blog...

You Are a Coconut Flavored Popsicle

You are easygoing. For you, summer is definitely a time to kick back.

You are a peaceful soul. You shy away from drama and stress.

You are a warm and compassionate. You give everyone a fair chance.

Your tastes tend to be simple. You rather have a few high quality items than a bunch of junk.

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Taking it Easy

Since my test Wednesday night, I have been trying really hard to relax and enjoy the free time that I have. I haven't done much housework, or any of the projects around the house that need to get done. Instead, I have been sleeping late and reading as many books as I can cram in. I've also been trying to spend some time with the kids since we haven't done much this summer. Reality sets back in August 25th when school starts for Zach, Zoe goes back to her babysitter, and I start school again. I start work August 27th, and my students will start September 8th. I got my last teacher paycheck yesterday; sniff.

Darren and I went and bought ourselves each an iPhone yesterday. I have been having a lot of fun with it, when I can get it away from Zachary. He is enjoying playing the games that I downloaded, writing notes, and checking the weather. He asked if he could get one; maybe in ten years!

That's about all that I have to report for now. I have laundry waiting for me, along with the contents of our office that I've lined up against the walls in the dining room. I need to deal with that, and the mountain of mail that has collected on the bar in the kitchen. Zoe has a follow-up doctor's appointment this week from her ear infection, we have an end of year swim party to attend Friday morning, and my parents are coming in Friday. They are bringing us their living room furniture, and we have Zach's birthday party Saturday at a local pool. The week is going to fly by, I'm sure!

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Don't Wanna Study!

I just can't get motivated to study for my final exam tomorrow night. Maybe it's the fact that we just had a test and practical last night, and my brain is still on overload? The practical was easy, just straight memorization of such fascinating things as parts of the brain and spinal cord, eye, and ear. The test, on the other hand, was not easy. For every test, we receive a study guide from the teacher, with questions to answer. It has taken me up to 12 hours to complete one of these study guides, then I don't seem to have time to go back over it. In addition to the study guide, we are provided with a Powerpoint quiz show that we went over in class only for the first test. Our Powerpoint notes (where the teacher lectures from) are also fair game for the test. It's just a lot of material, and it's almost a guessing game to figure out where the test material is going to come from.

Our final tomorrow night is comprehensive, and I have the test review completed, but I just can't make myself sit down and go over it. A lot of the material on the review seems to be things that we didn't go over previously, so there is probably some stuff that I actually need to learn. I just don't want to!

I've been in this class since before school ended in June, and school is starting again very soon. I just want to take some free time to hang out with my kids, or get some things done around the house, without the pressure of schoolwork hanging over my head. Zach's birthday is in 13 days, and we haven't done much to plan for his party. Not to mention the fact that I am starting a new job, and can't spare the time to even think about it right now.

Let's just say I'm burnt out and frustrated right now. I am supposed to be taking the kids and driving to visit my parents in two days, but I just don't think I have it in me to pack and drive four hours. I think I'd like some time at home to watch the Olympics, do laundry, and take the kids to the pool.

The fall semester starts August 25th, and I am taking 11 hours. Only 4 of them are campus classes, the lovely Anatomy and Physiology II. I am taking a kinesiology class that involves working out in the campus wellness center (probably a very good idea for me!), a psych class that I am retaking for an A, and a communication class for the last 5 weeks of the semester. In addition to that, I will be teaching preschool three days a week, and trying to find some kids to tutor after school at my house. Ah, the life of leisure!

Saturday, August 09, 2008

Lawsuit Fodder

I should be going to bed, but just remembered this and wanted to post.

We had a fairly uneventful day. Darren worked at home, just like he does every Friday, and my job is to keep the kids entertained and away from him. Today, the housekeepers were coming, so I had a lot of cleaning to do in preparation for them. Zach also had quite a bit to do in his room. I made him spend the day in there Wednesday cleaning, and found quite a few things shoved under his bed. I took his cable box away, which is my new favorite punishment, and the most effective. The housekeepers came around 1:30, and then I took the kids and left around 4:00 to buy a birthday gift for a party at a local pool this evening.

After shopping, we came home to get ready to go to the party, and the four of us left and went to the pool for the celebration. We had a great time; this is the newest pool here, and it is more of a waterpark than a pool. There is a lazy river, two-story slide, and pool with beach entry and a splash structure. We swam until about 7:30, then ate pizza and cupcakes. The pool closed at 8:00, and we all packed up and headed home.

Zach's party favor was a beach ball. When we got in the car to come home, he started hitting the beach ball all over the car, even though Darren and I asked him not to. He just kept doing it, and wouldn't stop. Finally, Darren pulled over, and told Zach to get out of the car and walk home. He actually climbed out, and started walking along the grass on the side of the road. He was wearing swim trunks and flip flops, and one of his shoes kept falling off. Since this is a fairly busy road, we put our hazard lights on and followed on the shoulder.

Zach probably walked close to half a mile, and every car that passed us slowed down for a look. I wouldn't be surprised if we were in the newspaper tomorrow. We finally made Zach get back in the car, and he was very upset that he couldn't walk the rest of the way home. We explained to him that we had to cross a busy intersection, and the trails near there are under construction right now. We had to compromise and let him run home from the end of our street, and by then, he was a very tired boy! I have no idea if there was any lesson learned, though.

Thursday, August 07, 2008

Long Day!

As I write this, there are many unfinished things around the house that I should be doing instead. I have a test Monday and my final Wednesday in my Anatomy and Physiology class, and the housekeepers are coming tomorrow. I have at least a month's worth of mail to go through on my kitchen counter, and the walls of the dining room are lined with the paper contents of the office. I need to go through those and eliminate about half of them. The countdown to school has begun, and I am starting to get that panicked feeling that I always get when I realize all of the things that I didn't manage to accomplish this summer.

This year will be different, though. Zach is going into second grade, Zoe is staying with her same sitter, and I am only working 18 hours a week. In addition to that, I am taking 11 hours of class, and only 4 of those hours are campus classes. I also want to try to pick up a tutoring job, so that we don't go broke. I need to do much better at managing my time, and am probably going to have to let my housekeepers go, so cleaning the house will be added to my plate. Darren and I are both hoping that we don't have to let them go, because that is giving us our weekends back.

What was my point here? Oh, yeah, our day...We started early this morning with a 9:00 doctor's appointment for Zoe. They confirmed that she does have an ear infection, and she weighs 20 pounds, 11 ounces. After the doctor, we came home, and I don't know what I did with my time. We went and visited Zoe's babysitter around 12:30, then met two of my sisters-in-law, my niece, and a friend for lunch at Guadalajara. Celeste, the youngest, is going to LSU this fall, and wanted help with selecting clothes for rush. We walked the entire mall, then headed to Sam Moon to check out their jewelry and accessories. After that, we went to Market Street, and walked around there for quite a while. We finally got home from lunch around 8:15. It was a lot of fun to do that today, though. It's rare to have a day of shopping, and I really didn't spend much money. I came home with two magazines and a grocery pad. Not too bad!

OK, I'm going to go tackle that mail, and maybe eat dinner. Fun stuff. We have a birthday party tomorrow evening, and I need to use my time wisely to study for my test on Monday.

Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Weekend Photos

Natalie and Uncle "P" at the christening party

Parents and Godparents with Carter

Proud new family

Gammy and Zoe at church

My adorable nephew!

Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Where Did She Come From?

We've been trying to figure out who Zoe looks like, and where her hair came from. This is a picture of her from tonight, at ten months.

I think the mystery has been solved. This is a picture of her daddy (not sure of the age), but even the hair line is the same.

Monday, August 04, 2008

Pet Peeves

In my advanced age, I have developed an aversion to certain things. If you are guilty of any of these, I am not trying to offend anyone or point fingers. I'm just saying what irks me, in no particular order. I am no Miss Manners, and no better than anyone else, and have never claimed to be!

1. The expression LOL; so many people use it all the time, and it really bugs me. It does take a lot to make me laugh, and I don't appreciate low-brow humor. But seriously, are you really laughing out loud?

2. People who pop and smack their gum. I'm glad you are enjoying it, but I don't need to hear it. My mother was very strict about that growing up, and the irritation has definitely rubbed off on me. The teacher in me wants to approach people and order them to spit out their gum.

3. People who talk loudly on their cell phones in public places. I know you're important, but hang up and be present where you are! I am not the hugest fan of the telephone, and get really anxious when I am ready to end a call, or when someone calls for no reason. I just don't like talking on the phone that much. I must have done too much of it as a teenager. When I go somewhere, I make sure I get off the phone before going inside a public place.

4. Cutesy or incorrect spelling of words. I'm the obnoxious nerd who used to proofread the notes my friends sent me in seventh and eighth grade (Hi Kristen!), and send them back to them. There is no excuse for bad spelling, especially with spell check on the computer. Kountry Kitchen really does NOT look better, and does not entice me to frequent your establishment!

5. People who don't use the signal lights on their cars. Is it me, or do more and more cars seem to come without signal lights? We have a plethora of four-way stop signs here in suburbia, and so few people seem to use their signal lights that it's like playing Russian Roulette any time you stop at one.

6. People who don't RSVP for an event, even if it is clearly marked on the invitation. How hard is it to send an e-mail (my phone aversion) to let the hostess know how many people to plan for? With all of the party places and the limit of the number of guests, it is essential to know how many people are going to attend, since I am sure most people over-invite.

7. The last one, and my biggest pet peeve: women who pee all over toilet seats in public restrooms and don't wipe off the seat. This is happening more and more to me, because I guess more people are afraid to sit on the seat and touch someone else's germs. Because of this, more women aren't emptying their bladders fully, and are getting more bladder infections. Whether you choose to sit or squat, be nice and wipe the seat when you are done!

OK, now that everyone I know has decided not to ever invite me over again, I'm off to finish my research paper. Class was canceled tonight because my teacher is sick, and our test has been put off until Monday. Yay, more time to procrastinate! The research paper is still due Wednesday, and since Darren is now working from home tomorrow (the threat of that storm in the Gulf), I have to give up the cushy chair in front of the desktop computer. I still have my laptop, but it's more comfy to sit here and work. Oh, well...

We're Back!

We had a wonderful time with my family this weekend, and as usual, the time flew by too quickly. We arrived at my parents' house around 11:00 Friday night. Our trip took a long time because we had to run some errands here on the way out, and we also stopped for a sit-down dinner on the road. No one felt like fast food, and I wanted to feed Zoe, so it was worth the extra hour en route.

By the time we arrived, everyone was exhausted, and the babies woke up. We stayed up much too late, then had an appointment with a photographer at 9:00 Saturday morning. It was outdoors, and the setting was gorgeous, but I am sure that we all had bags under our eyes, and sweat running down our faces in the photos! After the photo shoot, we all felt like we had to keep moving, or we'd fall down asleep. We got poboys from one of our favorite places for lunch, my sister and I did some shopping without the babies, then I had to take Zachary to buy a toy. It was his reward (bribery) for cooperating during the photo shoot, and he was anxious to claim his reward! After that trip, Darren, Natalie and I took Zachary to get a snow cone (yellow cake with cream-YUM!), then drove around Lafayette for a little while. There are so many locally-owned stores there that I would love to visit, but I know there never is the time to do that.

Some of our former neighbors and close friends came over for grilled steak that night, and we all went to bed much earlier than the night before. This morning, we all got ready, then headed to church for Mass then Carter's baptism. We sat in the cry room, and church was packed. I don't think it's worth it to me to haul two kids to church very often and keep them under control! After Mass, we went up on the altar, and Carter and another baby were baptized. It was a nice ceremony, even though the deacon had to constantly refer to his handbook, and he did some things out of order.

After church, we rushed back to Mom and Dad's to change clothes and get ready for some family and friends to come over. Everyone had a nice time, and it was great to see aunts, uncles, cousins, former neighbors, and other old friends. By the time we loaded up the car and headed home, we were so tired!

We had a fairly uneventful trip home. We stopped for gas once, stopped at the state line to stretch our legs, and stopped to get dinner near our house. We did have to take a detour outside of Lake Charles because of road construction, and there was a spectacular lightning display outside of Beaumont.

I am glad to be home, but sad that my time with my sister and new nephew was so short! He is adorable, and his cheeks make you want to squeeze them!

I have a research paper, major test, and lab practical due Wednesday night, and also a quiz tomorrow night, so I will be hitting the books and ignoring the house and kids for the next couple of days. I can't wait for my final on August 13th!

Friday, August 01, 2008

Louisiana Bound

We are heading home to Louisiana this evening for the weekend, and I am really looking forward to it. My sister, her husband, and their little boy are flying in from South Carolina for the weekend. We are having the kids' pictures taken in the morning, and baptizing Carter on Sunday. It will be so nice to have everyone together, and put Zoe and Carter together. The three kids have matching jammies, and I can't wait to take their picture!

I still have lots of packing to do before we leave in a couple of hours, so I'd better run.