Sunday, January 25, 2009

Boston Public Garden

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This was the view from the entrance to our hotel. It was beautiful, and I wish we would have had more time to walk around.

Building at Harvard

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I have no idea which building this is. I just thought it was pretty.

In the Snow

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Natalie and me, outside of the restaurant where Beth's party was held. It had just started snowing.

De-Icing Our Plane

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This was a new experience for me. I was hoping they were thorough!

I know it's been over three weeks since I last posted, but there never seems to be the time to sit down and write. Also, now that so much time has elapsed, there's even more pressure to write. How can a blog be stressful? It's not like I'm getting paid or anything.

Anyway, since I last wrote, Zach went back to school January 6th, I went back to work on the 7th, and Natalie and I went to Boston the 9th-11th. We had a wonderful time, even though it was so incredibly cold. I left Houston Friday morning, and met Natalie in Charlotte. We flew together to Boston, and arrived there around 4:30. We checked into our hotel which was absolutely gorgeous, and walked to Copley Place to meet Beth and her friends. Everything was covered in ice, and we had a hard time not slipping on the sidewalks. They had dinner reservations at 9:30, but Natalie and I ended up going to Maggiano's for dinner and Finale for dessert, and were in the hotel in bed by 10:00.

Saturday morning, we set out from our hotel around 10:00, walked through the Public Garden and Boston Common, and followed part of the Freedom Trail. We got sidetracked by H&M and some other shops, then looked through Faneuil Hall. We wandered around the North End and had lunch, then decided to take the T to Harvard. We walked around the beautiful campus for a little while, then browsed through the Harvard COOP, which is their huge bookstore. After that, we took the T back to Boston Common, and went back to our hotel to collapse in bed for a little while. We took a taxi to Beth's house later that evening, and visited with her parents and some other friends from Louisiana. When we left to go to her birthday party at Eastern Standard, it started snowing. I think we were the only ones there who were excited. We managed to stay awake at the party until midnight, and some of Beth and Adam's friends drove us back to the hotel. Sunday morning, we went outside and played in the snow for about five minutes, then packed up and headed to the airport. We were delayed in leaving because the plane had to be de-iced, and I almost didn't make my flight in Charlotte. That flight ended up leaving late as well, and it was the most cramped, uncomfortable plane I have ever been on. Once we arrived in Houston, we sat on the tarmac for so long, waiting on our gate, that Darren had my suitcase before we disembarked. I was so glad to be able to go on that trip with Natalie, because we hadn't seen each other since the beginning of August. We're going to be in Louisiana together for Easter, and I can't wait to see my nephew!

School started for me the following night with orientation for my online pharmacology class, then class the next morning for my campus microbiology class. Zach was home with strep throat on the Monday and Tuesday, then Darren got it later in the week. I am enjoying micro, but my pharmacology class is really disorganized, and I can't figure out exactly what she wants from us. The teacher is a second-year nursing professor, so I want to stay on her good side, though. I am going to try to tackle some of that class this afternoon.

In my previous post, I was worried about a college English class that I had tested out of. It was listed as a C on my transcript. After talking to someone at LSU, as well as a transcript evaluator at my current school, that C has been changed to CR. It won't count against me, so my chances of getting into nursing school seem pretty good, as long as I do well on the HESI test. I have registered and paid for this test, but haven't gone and taken it yet. It is a measure of reading comprehension and basic math skills, and I've heard it's easy, but I want do to well, and can't bring myself to go and take it. The deadline to apply for LVN school (not my first choice) is quickly approaching, so I need to go and take it this week sometime. Applications for the RN program are also being accepted right now, and the HESI is all that is in my way.

Last weekend, we had a four-day weekend, but Darren had to work Friday and Monday. I honestly can't remember if we did anything last weekend. I think we cleaned the house and worked on Zachary's Pinewood Derby car.

This past week, everyone focused on getting well (Zoe had a cold, and I have a nasty sinus infection. Again.), and trying to keep up with the house. Darren worked late several evenings, and Zach had four dental fillings put in on Thursday, earning him a day at home. Friday night, we went and set up the track for Pinewood Derby (after numerous phone calls to figure out how to get it out of the church where it is stored), and yesterday morning was the Derby. Zach was technically beaten by the niece of one of the contestants, but since she is not a registered Boy Scout, he was the overall winner. We'll race again at the district campout in April. In the meantime, I have a great Pinewood Derby track in my garage. Anyone wanna come over and race? Darren and Zach went to see the Aeros play last night, and had seats on center ice right behind the Plexiglass. Even though the Aeros lost, they had a great time. Zach got a puck, and was able to take a shot at the goal after the game, as part of a special Boy Scout recognition program. Zoe and I spent a quiet evening at home, which I needed.

This coming week, my baby sister turns 30, and Darren's company moves into temporary office space. I think his time of being home with me all the time is up. I've enjoyed it, but will also like having some quiet time in the house during the week. We're contemplating going to the Houston Auto Show next weekend, but that is an expensive day out. I guess we'll watch the Superbowl, even though I don't even know who's playing. It would be nice to go somewhere to watch it, but the invitations aren't pouring in, and I'm not offering to host.

Saturday, January 03, 2009

Can't Sleep

I don't know what is going on, but this is the second night in a row that I can't sleep. I was up until 4:00 last night, then slept until 10:45. I had a short nap around 5:30, but am still not tired. Zoe will up in a few hours wanting my attention, and I am sure Darren would like to sleep late.

I just spent an hour chatting with someone from high school on Facebook. I didn't know her that well, but it was nice to talk to someone I haven't seen in over six years. Hopefully she can get some sleep, too.

I think the stress of applying to nursing school is what is keeping me from sleeping. It is coming up in a couple of weeks, and I want so badly to get in. I don't want to have to go back to teaching, and I don't want our year of making sacrifices to be for nothing.

I am worried because part of the admission is your grade in three classes. One of the classes, freshman English, I never took, because I tested out of it with my ACT score and AP test. For some reason, there is a C on my transcript in that class, and after over 16 years, am I going to be able to get that fixed? I considered taking it in the minimester over the holidays, but I have been going to school nonstop since before I finished teaching in June, and it was time for a break. I can only hope that this issue can be resolved in my favor. If it is, I have the credentials to get into nursing school, because I have checked them obsessively. It is so competitive that they only take 30 out of the 160 to 180 applicants each year. I'll have to cross my fingers and say a lot of prayers that this will happen!