Sunday, July 30, 2006


Zachary is OBSESSED with the movie Cars. His grandparents took him to see it when he visited them for a week in June, and he came back and recited the plot to Darren and me. We took him to see it again, here in Houston, and we had to keep him from telling us what was about to happen. He loved that movie so much that he can recall every last minute detail about it, and did one day when we were walking to the mailbox and back. It's scary.

Now, we are in the process of amassing a collection of Cars merchandise that is growing by the day. Like all good parents, I took him to McDonald's regularly for Happy Meals, and even ate some Happy Meals myself, to make sure we got the complete collection of eight cars. When we didn't get two of them, I ordered them off eBay. I even bought extra Lightning McQueen cars on there. In addition to the Happy Meal toys, we now own the soundtrack on CD (which he can sing to), a t-shirt, lunch kit, spiral notebook, underwear, and toothpaste. Zach's birthday is coming up August 23rd, and I bet you can't guess what kind of party we are having? He visits the website numerous times a day to play with this poster that you can magnify to see and hear details about each car.

Zach has explained exactly which Cars toys he expects to receive for his birthday. He has even woken me up at 3:00 in the morning to further describe the Mack truck that he is sure he is getting. The problem is, they don't make some of the toys that he thinks he will get. I have bought most of the toys that are available at Target and Toys R Us, and there is a Mack playset, but it doesn't talk like Zach has requested. He will also be disappointed when he does not receive the red Cars TV/DVD player combo that is in the stores. Those Pixar people are clever at placing Cars merchandise in every area of the market! There are snacks at the grocery store, as well. There are certain aisles that I have to avoid so that we don't have a battle in the store.

While I am glad that Zach has gotten attached to such a wholesome movie, I will not be sad to see this obsession end. I know it will continue for a while, because the movie, and more merchandise, will probably be released at Christmas time, forcing me to trudge through every store in search of one elusive item that Zach sees on TV. I guess it could be worse; he could be obsessed with Barney or something (I shudder as I type that name).

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