Wednesday, May 30, 2007

School's Out for Summer!

I have survived another year, and it still hasn't hit me. This was the hardest one so far, discipline-wise. It's getting harder to teach, because I spend more time on manners and behavior every year. The parents seem to be getting younger, and depending on us more and more for the raising of their children. I wonder what next year will bring? Our school will be even bigger population-wise, so I anticipate more discipline issues. Sigh. I don't want to think about that right now.

My little buddy graduated from kindergarten today. There was a big ceremony in his school's cafeteria/gym/auditorium, with all six kindergarten classes. Each student walked up to the principal while his/her favorite food, favorite activity, and career aspiration were announced. Zach's class was last, and he was visibly bored during the presentation. There were many loud yawns, waving of his hat, and faces made. I kept waiting for him to get out of his chair and lie on the floor. He made it, though, and I cringed in anticipation of his biographical information. It wasn't bad, though: his favorite food was "little hot dogs with little buns", his favorite activity was playing with his Piston Cup 500 race track from the movie Cars, and he wants to be a Nascar driver when he grows up. One boy wanted to be a king, and one simply wanted to be a teenager. So, I guess Zach didn't have such an odd response to the questions.

Tomorrow is a workday for me, where I have to finish packing up my classroom for the summer, and we have a luncheon for the four lucky retiring teachers. I don't have much left to do in my classroom, and I expect to spend most of the morning socializing. It should be fun.

We are off on vacation on Saturday. The boys (my dad, Darren, Zach, and brother-in-law Kevin) are driving an RV on Route 66 to Phoenix, and the girls (mom, Natalie, and me) are flying to Boston. From there, we are going to spend a few days in New Hampshire with some friends, then drive down to Newport for three days. I am excited, but have a lot to accomplish between now and the time we leave. I am having the grass cut tomorrow, and Friday is set aside for laundry, cleaning, packing, and interviewing the pet sitter. Sleep is for wimps!

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