Friday, December 21, 2007

So Many Stories, So Little Sleep

I have been meaning to post since last weekend, but there hasn't been a stretch of time for me to collect my thoughts and write. I have been busier than ever, and now, we are leaving to go to Louisiana tomorrow for Christmas. The only thing I have accomplished is wrapping all of the gifts; I haven't packed or straightened up the house. At least all of the clothes are clean...I am getting up at 6:00 in hopes of being ready to leave at 9:15. Wish me luck!

I left Zoe with the babysitter for a couple of hours last Friday so I could go to school. I cried like a baby the whole time I was away from her, and even after I picked her up. It was bad! At least I got it out of my system, for now. We'll see what happens when I go back for good on January 2nd. Maybe I'll win the lottery between now and then.

My parents came in last weekend and we had a good time with them. We went to Pappadeaux Friday night, and did some shopping on Saturday. Darren, Mom, Zoe and I braved the crowds to finish our shopping for Zach for Christmas. Afterward, we went and picked up Zach and Dad, and went down to REI to pick out my bike that Darren is giving me for Christmas. We went home for a while, then headed to Galveston. We had dinner at the Rainforest Cafe, then went to Moody Gardens. We saw the Polar Express in 3-D. That was really cool, but Darren and I missed the middle of the movie. I was so excited that we were able to take Zoe to a movie, then she had a nasty blowout diaper in the really dark movie theater. That was quite an adventure, getting her cleaned up without spreading it everywhere. I did get to wear baby poop on my arm and leg for the rest of the evening.

After the movie, we went to walk through the Festival of Lights. It was supposedly 55 degrees outside, but I think it was 20 degrees colder with the windchill factor. The wind was blowing so hard that my forehead was frozen, and my mom and I were laughing so hard at the ridiculousness of the situation. We ditched the lights about a third of the way through the walk, and headed home.

OK, I'm too tired to finish this post, so I'll write more later. Good night.

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