Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Zachary's 8th birthday/first day of school

Zachary turned 8 on August 23rd. My parents came in for the weekend to celebrate with us, and we went out for Japanese the night before. The kids had a great time, and Zoe kept saying, "Wow!" whenever the fire would get high on the hibachi grill. We gave Zach a new bike for his birthday, which he thought was totally cool.

Sunday, which was Zach's actual birthday, we woke up, ate breakfast, and he opened presents. He received the Karate Kid DVDs, a watch, Wii Sports Resort, and a couple of DS games. We left for Minute Maid Park around 10:30, and met some friends there to watch the Astros play the Diamondbacks. Our seats were three rows from the top of the stadium, and it was a boring game, but the boys were all very good.

After the game, we walked to Discovery Green Park for the boys to splash in the kids' area there, and to eat cupcakes. We had a great time, and all headed home to prepare for the first day of school the next day.

August 24th was not only Zach's first day of third grade; it was my first official day of nursing school, and Zoe's first day back at daycare since June. We all survived, and everything is going well so far. Zach loves school for the first time, Zoe seems to be adjusting to being away from Mommy, and I am handling the work better than I thought I would. I can't believe it's September already!

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