Sunday, March 07, 2010

Failing at Life

I'm still here, but have had to eliminate anything that is not absolutely necessary from my life lately. I don't talk on the phone, don't watch much TV, and don't leave the house unless I have to. I sure hope I still have friends after graduation!

I'm really struggling with school right now, but can't figure out a better way to study. I think the biggest problem is that I can't study during my most productive time of day. I can do schoolwork until Zach gets home and I pick up Zoe, but can't get back to it until after the kids are in bed at night. By then, I'm tired, and it takes me so much longer to absorb anything. Thank God for Spring Break next week! My mind needs the break, but I'm so afraid that we are going to have some assignment to complete. I sure hope not! The kids and I are going to head to Louisiana to visit my parents for a few days, since Darren will be in Austin for his annual conference.

Did I mention that I was elected SNA (Student Nurse Association) President? That doesn't fit in with my resolve to not take on more responsibility, but I was urged to run by professors and classmates, and am enjoying the office so far. As long as I can delegate, things run smoothly.

I have so much else I want to write, but need to focus my energy on getting my schoolwork done for class tomorrow. I'll be back soon with pictures and more details about how my semester is going. I've been able to do some really cool things in clinical this semester, and I want to share some of those.

Until then, go and read Layla Grace's blog. This is a two-year-old girl from the Houston area who is suffering from Neuroblastoma, the same cancer my neighbor, Hans has. She doesn't have much time left, but it is amazing how many people are rallying behind her, and her parents aren't afraid to share how they are really feeling. Her dad was recently laid off, so there are lots of fundraisers going on to help defray her medical costs. Help out, if you can. Her parents also post a lot on Twitter, under the name @LaylaGrace. I'll be back soon...

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  1. Anonymous10:52 AM

    Hang in there! You have a lot on your plate. I'm sure you have heard it a million times, but just take it one day at a time. Sometimes one hour at a time.

    Your real friends will still be there after graduation! And, they will be cheering you on the whole way.