Friday, June 11, 2010


I cannot believe that school is finally over for Zach and me.  I finished on May 10th, and have been enjoying not having the pressure of studying constantly.  I do need to do some schoolwork though, to keep my brain focused.  We have a website that does custom study guides based on how we did on our final, and I am going to print some of the topics to review.

Zach finished school on June 3rd, after having a field day, student talent show, and other fun activities.  I am so proud of him, and how far he progressed this year.  He made a 97 on the reading TAKS, and 100 on the math.  On his report card, he had all A's for the year in all subjects except science.  He has finally become a reader, and I think school will just get better and better for him.  I can't believe he only has one more year of elementary school!

We don't have many plans for the summer, and I like it that way.  I enjoy just spending time at home, reading and relaxing.  I've been doing quite a bit of cleaning and cooking, and enjoying just being with my family.   I need to savor these memories when the fall comes around and I am busy with school again! 

We do have pool passes, and have used them a couple of times.  Zoe likes the water this year, and we need to try to go to the pool more often than we have been.  It's been raining quite a bit, though, and I don't like to go during the heat of the day.  We pale people burn really quickly!

Zach and I are participating in Cub Scout camp next week.  I hope we both have a great time.  I am teaching Readyman, which is sort of like First Aid, and he is going to camp as a Webelos I.  I had to work pretty hard to sell him on going this year, but it should be different now that he is older.  They will earn quite a few requirements toward their Webelos badge, and it will get us out of the house for a week.  The only thing that I am dreading is the fact that camp is outdoors, and we live in south Texas. 

On Father's Day, Zach and his Poppa are heading out for their annual road trip.  This year, they are taking on Louisiana 1 for a few days.  It crisscrosses the state from somewhere near Shreveport to Grand Isle, and I am sure they will have a great time.  Mom will come and hang out with me for the week, and I am sure we will find things to do to pass the time.

I think Zach is going to do a week of soccer camp later in the summer, to learn the rules and skills of the game.  He really wants to play soccer this fall, and I am hoping our schedule will allow for it.  I am going to try to do Kindermusik with Miss Zoe in July, because I know she will have a ball. 

Besides those activities, I have both kids signed up for the summer reading program at the library, and we are going to try to complete the Summer Explorer program at Zach's school.  His librarian has been doing this for years, and the kids earn points for completing different things.  If they earn enough points, they get a t-shirt and a special ceremony once school starts.

As usual, I have grand plans of all the cleaning and organizing that I want to accomplish this summer.  I have accepted the fact that it will not happen, and am just trying to do a little bit each day.  I really want to scrapbook again, but feel like I can't do that until I have other tasks out of the way.  Plus, I wonder how Zoe will handle me having stickers, colored paper, markers, and other tools out on the dining room table?  She is a mess, and always seems to be dragging out a large number of things.  She is so creative, and always wants to play dress-up.  Her talking is really coming along, and other people besides me are starting to be able to understand her.

I promise I will post some pictures soon.  I have lots of them saved on both cameras and my phone, and need to upload and organize them. 

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  1. I was shocked the other day when I was hanging out with you guys how much Zoe's language has exploded in just a few weeks time! I hung out with you guys what ... 3 or 4 weeks before when the boys were camping out? Talk about a language explosion!!! Counting, colors, prepositions, conversations ... AHHH!

    And Zachary ... I'm so proud of how far he's come! He's a cool kid and always has been but now he has that confidence that he can do great in school and not just get away with his adult language skills aka negotiation skillz ;)

    Way to go Ansleys!!!