Sunday, October 09, 2011

In the last three months...

I have: --Left my home health job and started one in pediatrics that I absolutely love --Become the mother of a fifth-grader who is in intermediate school --Thrown a Super Mario Brothers birthday party for a 10-year-old and a Little Mermaid party for a 4-year-old --Become a soccer and ballet mom --Still did not manage to take a vacation, nor do I have one planned --Tried to exercise, but that has only happened sporadically --Started cooking more --Started our last year in Cub Scouts, as a Webelos II den leader --Pinned lots of things to my boards on Pinterest that I will hopefully get to do someday --Still not conquered the clutter in my house that seems to multiply daily Yeah, I guess that's about it. I have lots of pictures that are still on my camera, and lots of ideas for blog posts that are in my head. I'll get there, someday...I am much busier than when I was a full-time student, but at least I get to spend more time with my family.

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