Thursday, November 08, 2012

Random Thoughts of a Five-Year-Old

I really need to do a better job of recording the musings of my little princess, because they are hilarious.

Tuesday night, she was very upset that Mommy voted without her.  Yesterday morning, we had a discussion about the election, and she was concerned that both candidates weren't able to win.  She didn't think that was fair.

Last night as I was getting her ready to take a shower, she decided that she was ready to get her ears pierced, and I talked her through the process, as we do them at my office.  I explained that we would use numbing cream on her ears, she wanted to know what it was like, and I explained that it was just like lotion.  She then proceeded to rub lotion on her ears and was upset that we couldn't put her earrings in at that exact moment.

Seconds later, she announced that she was going to be a teacher when she grows up, and will have children named Alana Charlie and Darren Toby Skyler.  The first names are mine and her dad's, and Charlie and Toby are the names of the youngest children on the Disney show "Good Luck, Charlie".  I'm not sure where Skyler comes from.

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