Tuesday, December 31, 2013

So, I disappeared for a year...

I've been struggling with whether to resurrect this blog or not, and I seriously doubt any readers are still around, based on the statistics I receive weekly.  At the beginning of 2013, I wasn't in a great place, and didn't really have anything to say.  I don't post on Twitter anymore and have somewhat limited what I post on Facebook, but still read blogs on a daily basis.

I just read my last post, and my viewpoint hasn't changed an incredible amount.  We have had some positive changes around here, so I feel like things are moving in a good direction for me.  I found a new job this summer and started in August, and I feel like that has made a huge difference in my outlook on life.  While I enjoyed the patients, and my employer outside of work, we just couldn't work together anymore.  I felt like no matter how hard I worked, it was never good enough, and the morale in the office was just so low.  I also really missed being off with my kids.  After being on the school schedule for so many years, it's really hard not to be.

So, I went to my school district's job fair in the spring, and was really discouraged after attending.  There were two school nurse positions available, and a list of applicants a mile long.  I interviewed for a position at a private school that went to a teacher's family member, interviewed at a local daycare (didn't even finish the interview once I found out what the pay was), and resigned myself to the fact that I would be stuck in my job forever.  Then, at the end of June, I was browsing job openings for the school district, and there was one that had just posted.  I applied for it, and was called the next day to schedule an interview.  I prepared like crazy for the interview, and it consumed my every waking thought for days.  I felt like it was my last chance to get out of a bad situation, and wanted to do everything that I could to ensure that it went well.

I felt like the interview went well, but a week went by and I didn't hear anything from them.  Of course, my confidence diminished by the day.  Finally, the principal called and offered me the job, and I gave a month's notice at my then-current job that evening.  It was so hard to wait out that month, knowing that my life was going to get easier.  I would have a definite time that I was getting off work daily, wouldn't have to work when the kids were in school, and getting a nice raise.

Halfway through the school year, I can honestly say that I love my job.  My co-workers are great, most of the people at my school are happy, and no one yells at me.  My commute is a lot longer, but it's not a stressful drive, and that is my "me time" to decompress and listen to music.  Everyone around me has noticed that I am happier and more relaxed, and I have more of a desire to socialize, do crafty things, and not just come home and sit in a chair.  Having two weeks off for Christmas break is a definite plus, as well!

As far as the kids are concerned, one started kindergarten and one started junior high this year.  That's been a big change, but it's going well.  The kindergartener stays for after-school care at her school and takes dancing once a week. She has learned all of her sight words and is anxious to learn how to read.  The seventh-grader is running cross country, and can run six miles like it's nothing.  He's doing great in band, has just about earned his Life rank in Scouts, and most importantly, has become so much more responsible this year.  He's making A's and B's in tough classes, including pre-AP pre-Algebra, and seems happy.

Another big change for us is that we decided back in June that we need to sell our house.  We have accumulated a lot of debt from me going back to school and not working for three years, and we have a lot of equity in our house.  We need a bigger house, and it's a seller's market here.  We have been slowly working on getting the house ready to sell since the summer, and are almost at the point where we might be able to put it on the market.  The only problem is finding something that we want to buy in our price range and in the right school zone.  Hopefully the stars will align for us early next year.

Since I am turning 40 in 2014, I have decided this is the year that I am going to stop talking about running, reading about running, and pinning things on Pinterest about running.  I can't run more than 100 feet right now, but I want to run a 5K before the year is over.  Who wants to join me?

If you still read this blog, please drop me a line to let me know I'm not alone here.  Happy New Year!

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