Tuesday, July 12, 2005

This is Me Getting Nervous

I am a pretty creative person. I've always enjoyed arts and crafts, and even majored in art for a while in college. I had a ceramic painting studio for nine of the longest months of my life, but I'm better now... Since we have been married, Darren has watched me experiment with various art-related hobbies. We've been through the candle-making phase, the soap-making phase, the jewelry-making phase, etc. For the past six or seven years, I have been interested in scrapbooking. For the longest time, all I did was go to hobby stores and buy all sorts of scrapbooking stuff, but I never did anything with any of it.

My neighbor invited me to a Creative Memories show last summer. I went to one six years ago and liked their stuff, but thought it was too expensive, and not something I wanted to invest in. Scrapbooking always intimidated me, because of how complicated some people's pages are. I knew that I never wanted to waste that much time on one album page. Anyway, the consultant at my neighbor's show last summer wasn't into all that complicated stuff. Her mission was to show us how to organize and store our pictures safely. If we wanted to get into album-making, fine, but we didn't have to. If we did decide to do an album, she explained that our goal should be to get the pictures on a page, and write about them. Stickers and all that other stuff are nice, but not necessary. I really took that to heart, and finally began working on all of my pictures. I had boxes of them everywhere, and I finally got them all sorted and organized. I began making an album for my son, since I hadn't done too well in the baby-book department.

Since then, I have been going to this consultant's class once a month to work on my album, and stealing time when I have it at home. My son loves to look at the pictures about him, and he tells people about "Mommy's scrapbook." I have been trying to figure out how I can make some extra money to support my scrapbook habit, and help other people get their pictures organized. I don't have a whole lot of friends who scrapbook, but a few who might get interested if I make it simple for them. Anyway, I decided today to become a Creative Memories consultant. I'm nervous about it, because I am afraid of failing. I sold Pampered Chef five years ago, right before we moved to Texas. I did well with booking initial shows, but didn't book any off those initial shows, and ended up having to stop selling it. I really want to do well with Creative Memories, and I have e-mailed everyone I know, as well as placing ads on a few local online garage sales. I've booked one show, but want to book two or three more, so I can feel comfortable with this. My kit should come in early next week, and hopefully I will be writing on here later this month about how well I am doing, and all of the shows that I have booked. Stay tuned...

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