Friday, June 23, 2006

Relaxed and Happy

I have thoroughly enjoyed my week alone! My house is clean, I've read three books, and Darren and I went to see two movies in the theater. I've been sleeping late, watching what I want to watch on TV, and not having to entertain someone. I could really get into this! It hit me last night when I was in the grocery store. There was no one making any demands of me, and I could get through the list without losing focus. The party comes to an end this afternoon, I'm afraid.

I have missed Zach like crazy, but I think I needed some time away from him. That old saying rings true: absence does make the heart grow fonder. When he comes back today, I'll be ready to give him my full attention, and to serve his constant requests for chocolate milk without any sarcasm. At least for a couple of weeks...

I just feel like we are always on the go, and trying to rush a four-year-old to get dressed, put on his shoes, brush his teeth, and get out of the house on time is tough. I've been early everywhere I've had to go this week, and it's been so nice to only be responsible for myself. Hopefully I can keep this mood for a while!

I guess this feeling makes me pretty selfish, but I have always been the kind of person who needs alone, quiet time to stay sane. During the school year, I don't get enough of it; I drop Zach off at school, have a three-minute drive to my school, then I am with kids all day. I get the same three minutes alone in the afternoon, and when I get home, I just want to be quiet. The demands for chocolate milk and Cartoon Network usually start before we even get in the house, and we usually have at least two hours before Daddy gets home.

Anyway, I think I am going to go and enjoy the rest of my quiet time, so I can be a better mommy when my little buddy gets home.

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