Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Just. Want. To. Sleep

Well, it's 4:27 in the morning, and I have been awake since 2:51. My alarm goes off at 6:02, so this won't be much of a night for me. I didn't manage to pass out until after midnight. It's going to be a fun day. I have a raging sinus infection that seems to have gotten worse since I went to the doctor yesterday. I should've stuck with my DayQuil and not even bothered to fill the decongestant prescription. My whole face hurts, and my body feels like it's weighed down with lead (or is that fat?) I sure hope this stuff keeps me awake all day, like it did all night. Right.

Zach's birthday party went very well, for the few of you who actually read this. He got lots of Cars-related stuff, and we had a great turnout. I'll get to those thank-you notes eventually, after I finish the ones from last year. We had a great weekend with Darren's sister and her family, and even went out to eat Japanese food, which I had been craving. There isn't a noticeably large amount of toys in my living room, so I'm happy.

Labor Day weekend flew by. We went back to Schlitterbahn in New Braunfels for the weekend, with Darren's brother Sean, his wife Jamie, and their two kids. We did the waterpark for two days, and had a ball. No one got sunburned, and we rode all of the rides. Zach even rode the big slides. We were hoping they'd let him on, since he is about half an inch too short for a few of the rides. I bought him some water shoes to make him taller, and I guess that worked. We cooked in the room Saturday and Sunday night, and Monday, we checked out and went to Gruene. We shopped a bit, ate a yummy lunch at the Gristmill, and headed home, along with the rest of the population from the Houston area. We stopped in Giddings, home of the famous Seafood and Donut restaurant, and got some ice cream from Dairy Queen. It's probably a good thing that there isn't one closer to our house. I'd be even fatter than I already am.

Hmm. Still not tired. What else can I babble about? Oh, I can talk about my frustrating students. That should fill some time. I teach four classes of Social Studies to fifth-graders. My homebase is pretty good; I have two other teachers in the room with me, so that helps with crowd control. I have a deaf student and her teacher, and all of my other kids (and me) want to learn sign language. They got rid of our content mastery room this year, so instead of sending the kids who need extra help to another room, we have extra teachers in the room to help those kids. It works out really well, because the kids don't miss instruction, don't get lost on the way to and from another room, and there is someone else there who can watch the kids if I have to pee. Second period is my "helpless handraiser" class. I have one every year, and they suck the life out of me with their endless questions and need for me to clarify every word that I say. I can't think of any major discipline problems in that class. Third period I have after lunch. I have the aggressively helpful boy, the boy who sits under his desk and refuses to work, the girl who can't sit still, and the boy whose neck must be broken, because his head is always down. I also have lots of talkers in that class. They take a lot out of me. My last class I have after PE. I have the bouncy boy who can't sit still, the blurter who can't understand why he can't talk to me all the time, the boy who slaps people in the bathroom (and can justify it), and two boys who can't seem to get their act together and keep track of all of their stuff. This class requires the energy of a lion tamer, to keep these kids quiet enough for me to teach them. I pity them this afternoon.

Well, since I'm still not tired, I may as well go find something to do. I only hope I make it until 4:00 this afternoon!

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