Wednesday, October 08, 2008

I have an anatomy lab test tomorrow

I also have to take Zoe to the doctor for her pre-op appointment (she's getting ear tubes Monday), then go to our Cub Scout recruitment night. I'm in charge of registration of new members and taking the refreshments.

I think I'm working Friday for the first time, then I have Cub Scout training all day Saturday. I have a paper due for my online psychology class Sunday. (haven't looked at it yet) Monday, Zoe is having her surgery, then I am going to a concert Thursday night. Friday, I have to go shopping for the food for the Cub Scout camping trip next weekend, then Saturday, Zoe and I are going to the camping trip for the day while the boys spend the night. I have a feeling there will be another anatomy test coming up soon, too.

So, if I don't post too often for the next few weeks, don't give up on me. I'm still here; just drowning in school/work/Scouts/ kid stuff. Don't even ask about my house; it's currently winning the war. I am hoping to decorate for Halloween before the actual day, but Zoe is showing signs of pulling up, and I don't know how much effort I want to put into to keeping her away from things right now.

If you actually follow this blog, would you please click the link on the right and let me know? I don't have a prize to offer you, except for my unending gratitude. That's worth a lot, right?

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