Tuesday, October 14, 2008


I'm still here, just drowning in Cub Scout paperwork. I've signed up eleven boys in the past week, gotten everyone registered for the camping trip this weekend, gone through leader training, and am trying to make sure everyone has a medical form that is completed. We have a pack meeting this Thursday, and I won't be there, so I have lots of instructions for the people who will be there. This weekend is our camping trip, and I am in charge of shopping for the food for 50 people Friday. Zoe and I will go for a few hours Saturday, then will get to hang out at home Saturday night without the boys. We have rechartering next month, which is when everyone signs up again for next year, so there is lots more paperwork in my future. I also still don't have a Tiger Cub leader, but I am hoping that will work itself out.

Zoe made it through her ear tube procedure just fine yesterday. I think it took ten minutes, and another five after I talked to the doctor for her to wake up. We left the house at 6:00, stopped and got McDonald's breakfast for Darren, Zach, and me, and were home by 8:45. Zoe was not happy when she woke up from the anesthesia, but she calmed down eventually, and took two long naps yesterday. She went back to her babysitter today, and you'd never know she had that done yesterday. I hope this brings relief to her now.

School is going okay for me. I am trying really hard to keep up with my two online classes and my anatomy and physiology class that I take on campus. I never put this much work into school the first time! I have another online class that starts in a few weeks, and registration is getting ready to begin for the spring. I'll be taking microbiology and pharmacology; can't wait! I'm looking into nurse-midwifery programs, but can't figure out if there's one here in Houston. If that is something that I am going to pursue, I may as well start taking some of the prerequisites for those programs while I am at such an inexpensive school and have the time. I won't have any classes to take next fall, so maybe I can knock out a few hours.

I am looking forward to Halloween, but am wondering where the fall weather is? The temperature is in the 80s, and the mosquitoes are out in full force. We've decorated for Halloween, the kids have costumes and candy has been bought; now we just need some cooler weather! We need to go and visit a pumpkin patch; maybe Sunday.

I am going see NKOTB in concert this Thursday night; should be interesting. I saw them twice in the 80s; once, they opened for Tiffany, and I can't remember details about the second show except that it was in Baton Rouge and we had floor seats. I was in love with Donnie, and had t-shirts, key rings, and posters of him. My sister and I even had a video of the band that we would watch all the time. I'll have to pull out an old cassette tape and refresh my memory of their songs. I am not taking this seriously at all, and am looking forward to an evening out with friends. I have no idea how good our seats are, and don't care. It's my first concert in a few years.

Off to bed...

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