Sunday, February 08, 2009

I can't think of a creative title right now. The fact that I am posting something at all is amazing, considering I don't have much to say. There's not much excitement in my life right now. I am working on managing everything that I have to do each week without getting too stressed, and that is enough for me.

School is going okay. I still don't like my pharmacology class, and I don't think anyone else in the class does either. I'd drop it and take it this summer, but the same professor is teaching it then. I guess I'll just muddle through the best I can. There aren't any clear expectations, the professor doesn't answer emails, and I think the $108 I spent on the textbook was for nothing, since we don't use it. On the other hand, I am really enjoying my microbiology class. The teacher is very interesting, and I don't feel like I have a lot to teach myself outside of class. We are doing all sorts of cool labs with bacteria, and I think it is kinda fun. I have my first test in that class Tuesday, and I hope I have the same attitude after that.

Work is going well, too. We've gotten into a groove, for the most part. Writing lesson plans is getting easier, and we are able to do more with the kids each week, it seems. I am trying not to let the discipline issues get to me, since I only have them for five hours twice a week, and I don't have to give them grades.

Zachary is doing OK in school right now. He continues to struggle with staying on task and completing work on time, but he is enjoying what they are doing in class. He lost one of the lenses out of his glasses last Sunday, and we are still waiting for the replacement to come in. His teacher commented that he is a different child without the glasses, so hopefully the lenses will arrive in the next couple of days. Zach is into reading, drawing, and playing on the computer right now. He is trying really hard to fit in with the "cool" kids at school, and I am not sure that is going well.

Zoe is still not walking at 16 months. She pulls up, cruises around on things, and gets into everything. She babbles constantly, and I think she talks a lot more than we realize, but it isn't recognizable. She sings along with the alphabet song, and plays on her pretend phone, saying, "Uh huh". She has a new grin that scrunches up her face and shows off her teeth, but I've been unsuccessful in capturing it on the camera. Zoe also loves being outside, and riding in the car. She is cutting molars right now, so we've had some rough nights lately. She's starting to get chubby, so I expect a growth spurt soon.

Darren has been working like crazy for the past couple of weeks. He has a million projects going on for work, and is also trying to get his personal website redone for South by Southwest Interactive in March. I won't be seeing too much of him in the next month; he'll be attached to his MacBook.

Chance seems to be doing okay. We've weaned him off most of his medication, and he is moving around well and eating. The vet thinks it may have been an infection in his lymph system; I sure hope so!

Roux caught a raccoon about ten days ago. That was an interesting evening! He was barking like crazy, so Zachary and I went outside to see what was going on. I saw movement up in a tree, but before I could get to the back of the yard, this big raccoon had climbed down from the tree, landed on the back fence, and Roux had jumped up and grabbed it. Before I knew it, the dog and raccoon were whirling around, both of them growling, with the raccoon attached to the dog's face. I yelled at Zachary to get inside, and we both ran for the house. I could just imagine that thing flying off the dog onto me! A few minutes later, we checked again, and the raccoon and Roux were circling each other in the yard. We enlisted some neighbors for help, because I had no idea what to do. I wanted to get the dog inside without injury to him or me, and without any interaction with the raccoon.

By the time we came home from the neighbors' the raccoon was on his back, breathing hard, and I could see its intestines. Roux was circling it, and I was able to get him inside. He survived with some scratches on his nose and a bite on the corner of his mouth. The raccoon did not fare as well, though. It tried to leave the yard, was unsuccessful, and was curled up next to the fence when Darren came home and tried to hit it with a shovel. The next morning, it was dead, so Darren scooped it up, double-bagged it, and put it out with the trash. I was never so thankful that I am not a man!

On to other things...I have to complete my HESI test for nursing school by the 23rd, and apply by March 2nd. We have a trip to Lafayette planned for the weekend of the 21st, our annual Blue and Gold banquet for Cub Scouts the 28th, and Zach's school carnival March 7th. Besides that, it will be work, school, housework, and taking care of the kids for me. One day at a time...

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