Friday, June 24, 2005

Scrapbook Papers That Should Be in Existence

I know most people couldn't care less about scrapbooking, and think it's a waste of time, but I find it enjoyable. It's a good creative outlet for me, and my son enjoys looking at the pictures. (He probably doesn't care at all about the cute stickers and background paper, but I can lie to myself and think he does.) It makes me feel like I am getting my money's worth out of all those useful art classes in college, and I am able to justify numerous trips to Michael's. Plus, I am single-handedly keeping Snapfish in business, by uploading pictures and ordering prints of them. The only problem with that, is that you never finish. Every time you think you have finished your scrapbook, your son does something else that is cute or funny, and you have to document it. Then you have to upload the pictures to your computer, edit them, upload them to Snapfish, order prints, and wait for them to arrive in the mail.

Anyway, on my quest for the perfect background paper, there are several categories which are seriously lacking. I do live in Texas, and there is a plethora of Texas-themed paper to be found, along with those two big Texas universities that I will not mention, because I do not support either one of them. However, I cannot find:

1. Crawfish boil themed things--I had to use a lobster diecut and red-and-white gingham paper
2. Festival International--(okay, most people outside of Lafayette have never heard of this, but for us, it's a big deal) How am I going to show off my husband and his fraternity brothers in their annual drunken poses?
3. Washing the car with Dad

So far, those are the top three that I am having difficulty with. I'm not big on cutesy things, and that seems to be the majority of the market. I don't use chalk to shade paper, I don't use vellum, ribbon, pink, or hearts, and I'm not big on quotes, charms, or fibers. I like to use a nice background, stick some pictures on, write something about the pictures, and maybe add a couple of pictures. I won't be featured in a magazine anytime soon, but that's all right with me.

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