Thursday, June 23, 2005

Will Someone Hand Me a Shovel, Please?

I know there are times when all parents just want to disappear out of embarrassment, and I had my moment on Tuesday. As my mom would say, "God punished you!"

We had the air conditioner repairman here, and I was outside with him, learning how to clean it off for free, instead of for $400, and Zach was inside, watching Lots and Lots of Trucks. Apparently, the phone rang, and he came outside to tell me to answer it. When I refused to comply immediately with his demand, he became agitated, and said, "Go inside and answer the fuckin' damn phone!" From past experience, if there is anything that we ask Zach not to say, he will just repeat it over and over, to be annoying. So, I calmly tried to explain to him that I didn't need to answer the phone, and he'd better get inside before I lost it with him. In the meantime, the air conditioner guy and I are trying not to laugh.

When I called my husband to let him know what our precious darling did, his response was,"But I never use those words together. He did use them in the right context, though."

There you have it. My child will be the one who is expelled from day care for teaching the other students naughty words. Thankfully, he is usually a follower, rather than a leader. He can smell out bad kids from 50 feet away, perceive them as cool, and copy every single thing they are doing. Let's hope he doesn't suddenly decide to educate his classmates. That would be hard to explain...

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  1. That is hilarious!!! We were just talking about that the other night. I am so surprised he used it in the right context. See he is listening!!