Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Losing motivation

With less than a month left in the semester, I am having a very hard time staying focused on schoolwork. There is always something else to do, whether it is play with the kids, cook, or clean up the house. I hope that I don't have to take a class this summer; I need a break to go back to being a wife and mother. I want to have time to watch TV or read a book without feeling guilty, or go to the pool with the kids.

It appears that my fate will be revealed sometime in the next week. Letters for nursing school acceptance were supposed to arrive by the 10th, but there's been a delay with getting the letters from central office to the different campuses in the college system. I am just so ready to know either way, so I can decide whether I am going to return to public school next year, teach at my preschool, or just stay home and keep Zoe home. I am such a planner and control freak; this is driving me crazy!

On another note, we had a wonderful time on the Cub Scout camping trip this past weekend. Zach did not win in the Pinewood Derby, and he wasn't too disappointed. We hadn't done anything to his car since our pack's race in January, so he probably would have done better with a little graphite. We had beautiful weather for the weekend, great food and conversation, and I got to sleep in a tent all by myself. Even though I was only in there for six hours, it was so nice to listen to the quiet and just relax. Of course, I came home with a sinus infection from the campfire smoke, but I think the stress that I am already under just enhanced that.

I have a pharmacology test that I have to take for my online class tomorrow, and I don't feel ready in any way to take it. We are leaving to go to Louisiana for the weekend on Friday, and the house is a mess, and there are no clean clothes. Darren will be gone tomorrow evening, so it's up to me to get things in gear and get us ready to go out of town. I sure hope I feel better tomorrow!

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