Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Here's what's going on in my life: I am constantly tired, never studying enough, and never feel like I get ahead on housework and laundry. It's time for the semester to be over! We're going to receive notification of nursing school acceptance sometime between now and April 10th. I can't wait to finally know what's in my future. I applied to four community college locations in the area, plus one local university for a BSN. I'd prefer that one, and it wouldn't be that much more time, but the tuition and driving would be bad. I could do a lot of my classes at the local college, but would end up driving into the Houston medical center for clinicals.

Plan B, if I don't get accepted anywhere, is to teach preschool four days a week next year, take Zoe with me, pay for a month of preschool what I am paying for a week of daycare this year, and retake A&P I for an A. I'd reapply next year, and maybe take some other classes toward the BSN. I do plan to go on and get my Master's, so it would make sense to take as many classes as I can at the lower tuition price of the local college.

There have been rumors that summer school has been canceled, or classes have been reduced for this summer. Fine by me! If I get into the nursing program, there's a two-week class that I am supposed to take this summer. That would mean paying for childcare for both kids, and since I won't be working this summer, ouch! I would love to take the summer off and hang out at the local pools with the kids. I think Zach is going to do some art classes at the community college, a week of Cub Scout daycamp, and possibly a VBS session or two (we do various religions each summer). I would love to do Kindermusik with Zoe, as well. All will be decided in the next week or so.

April is always a crazy month for us, and I feel like I scramble to stay afloat. This weekend is our Cub Scout camping trip, and Mom and Dad are coming in to babysit Zoe so I can spend the night Saturday night. I'm looking forward to it. Next weekend is Easter, and we are heading to Mom and Dad's for the weekend. My sister will be there with her family, and we have plans with our oldest friends and their kids. I hope that Zoe and Carter cooperate with each other! We'll be celebrating his first birthday (where did the year go?), too. Carter is walking, but Zoe still is not. She takes a few steps here and there, but would rather crawl or walk behind one of her toys. She's fast, and can get into things like you wouldn't believe. Everyone keeps telling me that I should be glad that she's not walking, but I don't know what else there is for her to get into. At least I wouldn't have to carry her everywhere!

Back to our crazy month...the week after Easter, I have a dentist appointment, my annual well woman check-up, pokeno night, and Scout Fair that weekend. We are supposed to throw a birthday party for Darren that weekend, but no plans are in place yet. The last weekend in April is Festival International in Lafayette. We love this festival so much, and it's so much fun to walk around downtown Lafayette, listen to the bands, look at the art, eat all the yummy food, and catch up with old friends. This year is especially meaningful, because a bar that we liked to go to in college is throwing a reunion party that Saturday night. And...Darren turns 40 at midnight that night!

I take my microbiology final May 5th, and preschool ends for the year on May 22nd. It'll be here before I know it.

I have hundreds of pictures trapped on my camera, but no time to upload them. My laptop, which has a newer version of iPhoto, is full. The iMac has an older version of iPhoto, but a much bigger hard drive. The large size of my pictures crashes iPhoto most times, so I don't mess with it. I'll get there soon.

My husband just told me that I need to quit playing and work on schoolwork, so that's where I'm headed. One of these days, I'll talk more about our lovely Spring Break week, and the fact that we no longer have a cat.

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