Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Two More Weeks!

I can't believe there are only two more weeks in this semester. It can't come fast enough for me! I have a final for both my classes, plus a lab practical left to take. I have been in school almost non-stop since June 2nd of last year, so I am really looking forward to this break. I start my nursing summer course July 27th, which means almost three months of not having to study.

As usual, I have big plans for the summer. We'll buy pool passes for the community pools, Zach is doing a two-week art camp at the community college, and I hope to get to spend some time in Louisiana. Besides that, I plan to read as much as possible, and finally get my house clean. That hasn't happened in a while, and there are lots of things that need to be donated or thrown away. Just looking under my bathroom sink makes me cringe. I keep thinking if I get it clean, then it will be easier to maintain.

I'm also looking forward to just being a mom for the summer, and hanging out with the kids. No place that we have to go every day, and maybe just spending time together at home. Of course, I'll be going nuts by the end of June, but I won't be working this summer, so the goal will be to spend as little money as possible. For me, that means not leaving the house. I'm glad we've got so much stuff to keep us entertained.

On a completely different note, Zoe started walking on Sunday. We were all in the den watching TV, and she decided that she wanted my cereal bowl. She had been taking a few steps here and there, but on Sunday, she just stood up and walked. She'd go about ten steps, then fall down, and get right back up. It was really cute! She walked a circle around the downstairs for over an hour, then took a great nap. I videotaped her, but the memory on my laptop is too full for me to upload the video. My desktop computer has been at the Apple store since Sunday, but when I get it back, I'm going to install the new version of iLife on it, so I can upload my videos.

Anyway, since Sunday, Zoe has been walking like crazy, and it is so cute! She holds her arms up, and still wobbles from side to side. She has great scrapes on her knees from falling down, but she gets back up every time. She waited so long to walk that she doesn't need to pull up on things to get up. I am sure she'll be running soon, and I will not want her walking, but it will be nice to not have to hold her all the time.

Zach gave himself a haircut Sunday, which was strange. We noticed that his bangs were missing a section in the middle, and he acted like he had no idea that he had cut his hair. He said he was waving scissors around. When Darren went upstairs to investigate, the missing section of hair was in a clear plastic box, and Zach said that he was collecting his DNA. Not sure what he plans to do with that, though.

We're heading to Lafayette this weekend for Festival International, and Darren and I can't wait! Zach's not too thrilled, because he was invited to four parties this weekend that he has to miss. We haven't gotten a party invitation in a while, and they've all come at the same time. Hopefully there will be others soon. We're not missing Festival this year. We have plans to spend the day out there on Saturday, and then attend the Nitecaps reunion Saturday night. Nitecaps is a bar that we used to hang out in during college (and I went there twice when I was still in high school and underage). We won't have kids for the night, and Darren turns 40 at midnight. Hopefully the hangover on Sunday won't be too bad, since we'll have to drive back to Houston!

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