Thursday, May 28, 2009

20 months!

I can't believe my Zoe is already 20 months old! She's such a little girl now, and no longer a baby. She is running everywhere, climbing on tables, and trying with all her might to get the telephone any time it's within reach. She enjoys having her hair put up in ponytails, and always has something to carry around with her. It can be a sippycup, toothbrush, stuffed animal, or remote control. She wants to be outside all the time, as well. We have to be so careful when we open a door to outside, because she will zoom out before you realize she's gone.

Zoe also loves to watch TV, dig in any open cabinet or drawer that she finds, help me load or unload the dryer, and color. She will find any pen, pencil or crayon that is left out, then draw on any piece of paper that she comes across. I guess it's good that she doesn't know that writing instruments work on walls, as well. She also loves the dog, and thinks that he is hilarious. She is a happy girl most of the time, and is always singing or babbling.

If you get her mad, though, watch out! She has a really bad temper, and will throw herself down on the floor and scream. She will also throw her plate of food off the table once she's done, or if she doesn't like what she's been fed. No longer do we have the child who eats everything; she's gotten really picky lately. Her favorite foods right now are Cheetos, M&Ms, ice cream, or any other sweets. If I am eating something that she likes, she comes up to me, spits out her pacifier, and opens her mouth. It's really sweet!

Zoe also loves to admire her reflection in the front of my dishwasher. She will stand in front and rub her hair, then lift up her shirt and admire her belly. It's too cute! She will do this repeatedly for a few minutes, like she can't believe that the little girl she is seeing is really her.

She no longer wants to sit in a high chair, and will not eat if placed in one. She is a "big girl", and big girls sit in chairs like the rest of the family. She will allow us to place her in a booster seat at the table, though she's prefer to eat standing on a chair. She is still willing to ride in her car seat and stroller, which is a good thing!

I am really looking forward to spending the summer with Zach and Zoe. She will go to daycare through the end of next week, while I try to get all the projects done around the house that need to be taken care of. She loves going to school, and will probably miss it, but we are trying to save money this summer. We'll buy pool passes, and I have a feeling the kids and I will be swimming almost every day. Zoe loves the water, so that shouldn't be a problem. She doesn't tolerate heat well, so I guess our swimming will be limited to the evenings.

As soon as I get the newest pictures off our camera, I'll post them to Flickr. I'm off to get my first haircut since Labor Day, and am planning on chopping off a few inches. That means less hair to dry, straighten, and for Zoe to pull. Can't wait!

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