Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Summer's Here!

The last week of school flew by for us this year. We started it off with a Cub Scout swim party, and Zach made friends with some boys in the neighborhood to play with in the afternoons.

I worked as hard as I could to get the house clean while Zach was at school and Zoe was at daycare during the day. It was nice to have that freedom, but with that freedom came the knowledge that it was short-lived. I had nursing school orientation last Wednesday, and that was scary, but enlightening. The next two years are going to be really hectic for me, but hopefully worth it.

Back to Zachary...I went to school and passed out popsicles to all of the second-graders on Tuesday. We had way too many left over from the Cub Scout party, and they were taking up precious freezer space. I was glad to get to do that for the kids. Thursday morning, I went to Vogel to visit my friends there, and found that I don't miss it nearly as much as I thought I would. It was kind of strange to know that a whole class of students has come through there, and I don't know any of them. I did get to see a few former students from last year, and enjoyed that.

Thursday afternoon, I went to Zach's school to help with his class ice cream social. The kids enjoyed the treat, then went across the hall to another teacher's classroom to watch a movie. I took Zach home a few minutes early, and he hated to go. He was glad the year was over, but sad to be moving on to a new teacher next year. It's so hard to accept change, especially for Zach. What's nice is that we have a neighborhood school, so everyone lives in close proximity to one another. It's not like where I grew up, everyone lived all over the city, and didn't see each other outside of school. Most of Zach's friends belong to the local pools, so we'll see them around this summer.

Friday was Zoe's last day of daycare until August. I am sure she will miss the routine of school, but will enjoy being home with me. I will enjoy saving money this summer! I think I will put her in the campus daycare when I take my summer class, since I only have to pay for the hours that I am in class. That will be a big savings for us, plus I will have her with me on the drive to and from campus.

Friday evening, we went to the newest local pool to swim. It's so nice; it has a lazy river, pool with a zero-entry and play structure, and a big water slide. It's great for the whole family, but is really busy during the day. We like to go in the evenings, since we burn so badly, and it's much less crowded then. One of Zach's friends came to meet us at the pool, and he and his mom ended up coming over for dinner and Guitar Hero (and possibly margaritas) afterward. Zach spent the night at his house, then played with friends the rest of the day. Sunday, Zach left to play with friends that morning, and ended up spending the night with them. He didn't come home until after they went to the pool yesterday afternoon, and played with them again yesterday evening and today. He's having a great time, and enjoying his new freedom of riding his bike down the street. I hope the boys continue getting along; it's so nice to not having him mope around the house because there's nothing to do.

We don't have any big plans for the next couple of weeks. I went for my first allergy shots today; I'll be getting three at a time, every four to seven days, for the next three to five years. Friday, I have my physical, bloodwork, and immunizations for nursing school, and we have a pool party Saturday. We'll probably head to Lafayette for the weekend on the 26th to help my parents move into their new office, and my sister and nephew are coming to spend a week with us for July 4th. I love not having something to do every single day!

I am trying to hard to keep up with the housework, but this is my first experience with two kids to clean up after. I can't let a whole day go by without cleaning something, because I have to stay ahead of the kids and the messes they make. There are certain things that I can only do while Zoe naps, so I try to utilize that two-hour window each day as much as I can. I just want to get far enough ahead of the kids that I can get out my scrapbooking stuff without feeling guilty. I don't know if and when that will happen, though.

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