Sunday, June 14, 2009

Picture Post

Zach at his school's Author's Tea. The kids from his class each presented stories they had written in class to their parents. It was really cute! There were round tables where the students sat, and at each place, there was a biography and photograph of the author. After the presentation, the parents were encouraged to collect autographs of all the budding writers. Refreshments were served, as well.

I worked in Zachary's classroom for several weeks to type the stories of the kids and print them. The kids would choose a color for the cover, draw a picture to illustrate the story, then I would bind them by using a machine they had in the library. All of the stories had to be "page turners", so I had to use a really large font for some of the students so their writing would stretch for more than one page. The kids loved to see what they had written in a notebook turn into something that looked relatively professional, and could be shared.

My little diva! I decided to set up a sprinkler in the front yard for the kids, but Zoe was not very interested in getting wet. She found this little chair in the garage, and wanted to sit there and watch Zachary play in the sprinkler. I am determined to turn her into a water lover, though; it's too hot here in Texas to not swim!

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