Thursday, June 18, 2009

Attempting to get a photo together

DSC_2134, originally uploaded by alanaransley.

I was trying to get some shots of the kids together, but Zoe decided that she didn't want to do that today. We started on the swing, but as Zoe moved around the driveway and front yard, I instructed Zach to follow her around and smile, in case she would happen to stop and pose for me. It didn't happen!

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  1. Anonymous5:30 PM

    I just read your comment on Melissa's site and felt very sad about what you had to say. This summer, try to relax and enjoy being with your little ones. Instead of spending time scrapbooking, spend the time making memories. Keep the photos in boxes, they will still be there when your little ones grow up, but your little ones will be long gone with no chance to go back. You can't get the moments back.

    Mothering is a very hard job. I understand that. But don't run away from your job as a mother, embrace it. The scrapbooks will mean nothing if the feelings are not there to back up the photos.

    Just some advice from a mom who has raised lots of children into the teenage years and beyond...Don't wish the days away.