Friday, June 29, 2007

Off Bed Rest, and other stuff

I can't imagine being on bed rest for weeks at a time. The five or six days that I was on it were the longest days for me, and I didn't even obey the doctor's orders to stay horizontal! There was the trip to the library, shopping at Target, and expedition to Babies R Us to get my nursery bedding. As my sister said, I think I would need to be tied to the bed in order to truly follow those orders.

My mom came in on Sunday to spend a few days with me. It was her first time driving to Texas alone, and she survived. We got so much done this week! We cleaned out closets, worked on my nursery, and finally conquered the 13 or 14 loads of laundry that have been happily multiplying in the dark linen closet. Now that all of the clothes are clean for the first time since February, our closets and drawers are over-stuffed. Mom also cooked for us, and took Zach out for an afternoon so I could nap in peace. I wish she would come more often. It motivated me to continue keeping up with the laundry, and try to finish getting the extra bedroom/nursery ready for the baby. I still have pictures to organize, and toys and clothes to take pictures of and get online to sell.

I went back to the doctor Tuesday, and she did a quick ultrasound in her office. It looks like the placenta is still low, so we are doing another level two ultrasound at the hospital on July 10th. It will be rechecked every couple of weeks until I deliver, and if it stays low, I will probably end up having a c-section at 36 or 37 weeks. The good news is that I don't have to go on bedrest unless there is bleeding. Even though I am allowed to move around now, I am really frustrated at the limitations placed on me by my body. I can't walk long distances, going up the stairs is torture, and I get tired so easily. I guess I should lie around and read all day...

I hired a housekeeper yesterday, YAY! I've wanted one for a while, and got a name from a friend. I talked to the lady yesterday morning, and she told me that someone would come by for an estimate yesterday afternoon, then come and clean this morning. I figured we had last night to get all of the garbage bags of clothes for Goodwill out of the hallway, and didn't worry about it. She then called back and said that they were coming to clean yesterday afternoon. So, I spent a frantic hour hauling heavy bags out to my car, and picking up the entire house. When the three ladies arrived, they went straight upstairs and started cleaning. It took them about two hours, but my house looks great and smells great. It's so nice to be going into the weekend with a clean house. I hope we can keep it up until they come back in two weeks!

Zach has been going to Baptist VBS this week. I've had three hours each morning to run around and get things done, but this is it for the summer for me. Darren wasn't thrilled about my choice of churches, since we are lapsed Catholics. I know a lot of people who go to this church, and if it wasn't Baptist, we might join. All week, I kept thinking how cool and unlike most Baptist churches it was. Well, last night we went for a "tailgate party", and the first thing the kids did was to sing the songs they've learned this week. The second song was one about recruiting, and I thought Darren was going to die! Then, they started naming the children who had made "decisions" about baptism and becoming Christian this week, and we were both praying that we wouldn't hear Zachary's name. That could have been a tough situation to get out of! After the singing, there was an outdoor carnival with hot dogs, rides and inflatables. Zach had a great time, and I ended up sitting in the car for the last 30 minutes. I just didn't have the energy to stand up anymore.

I booked Zach's 6th birthday party today for August. Since it is always so hot, we have to have an indoor party, and since his birthday is the week I go back to work, there is no way I want the party at my house. Every year we are challenged to find something fun and affordable, and this year we chose to have the party at an inflatable jumping place. I am so glad that is taken care of!

I found out today that I did not get the art position at Zach's school. Since I hadn't heard anything, I figured I hadn't gotten it, then I received a letter in the mail from the principal. I'm disappointed, but relieved to be settled for the fall. I guess I'll try again next year!

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