Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Happy 4th of July!

Today has been a strange day. It's weird having a holiday in the middle of the week, so we weren't able to go anywhere. I think this is the first time in five years that we have stayed home, and we don't have any plans for the day. Since it has now rained for 34 days in a row, it would be hard to go out and enjoy the festivities that The Woodlands has planned. We did go to the patriotic concert last night at the Mitchell Pavilion, which was fun. The Houston Symphony plays, and everyone takes dinner and picnic blankets. We went with fried chicken (can't get more American than that) and met my sister-in-law, her kids, and some other friends. It was one of those times that made me glad that we live here.

This morning, there was a parade at 9:00, but we didn't make it. I didn't want to break our 7-year-long streak of not attending. The pools were free today, and each one is supposed to have a theme and free refreshments. The constant rain probably eliminated that, though. This evening, there is a festival around the mall, a concert at one of the parks, and fireworks. We may go do that, because I can't imagine July 4th without fireworks.

We have spent the day reading, playing on the computer, being bored (Zach, but he does have a friend over right now), and taping the trim in the bedroom for painting (Darren). I guess we'll have to cook something eventually, but the weather is not conducive to barbecuing. What an exciting day! We may go to the zoo tomorrow, so that is something to look forward to. The rain has to end sometime, right?

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