Friday, July 13, 2007

My Productive Day

As a follow-up to the last post, I did end up taking Zach to the pool yesterday. I was feeling so guilty for not doing anything, so I went to where he was lying in front of the TV, and asked him if he wanted to go to the pool. By the time I could finish the popsicle I was eating (trying to intake more fluids!), he had changed into his swim trunks, gotten beach towels, snacks, and drinks out, and was looking for our beach bag. That's the most efficient he's been in ages! By the time I went upstairs and changed, the beach bag was in the car, and he was sitting in his car seat with the sunroof open and the radio on.

I wish I could say we had a great time at the pool; the water was as warm as bath water, the pool was crowded, and there were some little flies that kept biting me on the arms. Zach had a good time, though, and did a great job of practicing his swimming. I can't wait to see how well he does after he takes lessons in a couple of weeks! I got him out of there with the promise of a McDonald's Happy Meal, which Darren met us at the house with. We capped off our evening with a trip to Toys R Us for a birthday gift, then a visit to Home Depot to pick out paint for the nursery. We bought a quart, and I can't wait to see if it will work with our bedding! Afterward, we came home and I did some more preparation for the housekeepers.

This morning, I was woken up at 8:30 by the housekeepers coming in. I guess we need to make sure to be up the next time they come, and it won't be a problem once school starts, because we'll be gone by then. They only stayed for an hour, then I had a dentist appointment. I haven't had my teeth cleaned in two years, and was really nervous about what they would find. Since they couldn't do x-rays, the news wasn't too bad. There is one tooth with an old filling that's loose, and another tooth they are worried about. I know I have bad teeth, and know there will be more work done every time I go. It's just a fact of life. Zach sat in a chair in the corner and played with his Leapster the whole time.

After the dentist, since it actually wasn't raining, I decided to take my car to get the oil changed and have it vacuummed and washed. Why we bought a car with black carpet is beyond me, but it looked awful. I've had it for three months now, and have never had it cleaned, so it was overdue. I then took Zach to lunch at a pizza buffet, YUM! Our final stop was the grocery store for a few things for the weekend. I rewarded myself by coming home to my clean house and taking a nap.

Now, my sugared-up child is zooming around the room. I think it's time to take a walk to the mailbox to work off some of that energy. I will probably cap off my exciting day by cooking dinner. We party like rockstars here!

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  1. Hey! Glad to hear Zach got to go swimming ... darn rain! Next time just head to my apartment complex ... no one seems to hang out at the pool closest to my building. I'm happy that you don't have to go on bedrest ... but just take it easy! We have to ease Zoe into the world of Zachary, hehe. Tell Zachary I'll be expecting to challenge him in a game of Wii bowling ... so to practice :) All right ... off to dinner we go.