Monday, July 09, 2007

Feeling Less Than Great

I think the pregnancy hormones are catching up with me. I am so tired, and tired of feeling bad. Besides the fact that it appears that I have yet another sinus infection, I am having these awful pains in an unmentionable area. Basically, it hurts to walk, sit down, put on clothes, and turn over in bed. I have an ultrasound at the hospital tomorrow to see if the placenta has moved yet, and I suspect it hasn't. I think she is sitting really low, which is causing these pains. Her kicks sure are low! I wouldn't be shocked if there was more bedrest in my future...

I haven't done a whole lot in the past few days. Thursday, Zach and I ran errands, while it continued to rain. Friday, we ran around with a friend, and Zach ended up spending the afternoon/evening with my friend, which was wonderful. Darren and I were able to go out to eat alone, and actually talk. Saturday, I pulled all of my old photos out of the extra bedroom/nursery, and spread them on the living room floor to organize them. Well, they're still there. It hurts to sit on the floor, and I don't have the motivation to finish that project. I do need to get it done before the housekeepers come on Friday. Saturday night, I was craving chicken wings, so we went to a restaurant to eat wings and watch the Astros. My friend lent us her Nintendo Wii for a few days, so we went and rented some games for it. Yesterday, we went into Houston, ate at this awesome Greek restaurant, and walked around the Galleria. We looked in quite a few stores, but Darren couldn't find the clothes he wanted, and the Croc booth didn't have any black Mary Janes. We left the mall with a bag of expensive candy and some new software for the Mac laptop. We wanted to check out the iPhones in the Mac store, but there was a crowd around the display table. We're not getting one, at least not until our current contract expires in a year, so there is no rush.

Today, Zach and I spent the day with my friend Melissa. We had a good time with her, but my little darling has become quite bossy and rude lately, and it irritates me to no end. I'm not sure what to do to put a stop to it, but I will figure something out. He cannot go to school in the fall with the attitude that it is all right to tell a grown-up to be quiet. We've also begun putting our fingers in our ears, and hitting me. Not cool. He understands that it is not all right to speak to me that way, but continues to do it. I haven't found the perfect punishment yet, but I will continue looking.

That's about all the excitement for now. It seems that the rain has finally stopped, so maybe we will make it to the pool this week. I have a dentist appointment on Friday, and my parents are coming in Saturday to drive Zach and me to Lafayette for the week next week. I seem to be incapable of driving that far, so Darren will have to go and get me next weekend. I am not sure what we will do there for a week, but I guess I won't be cleaning anything.

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