Thursday, July 12, 2007

Trying to Get Motivated

I went to the doctor Tuesday, and I'm not on bed rest, but have to continue to take it easy. The problem is, I am fully aware of all the things that I need to get done, but my body lacks the stamina to do it right now. The housekeepers are coming tomorrow, so I did get things picked up, but there is so much more that I should do.

Poor Zach is so bored. I wish we had some kids who lived around us for him to play with. Since I am less than entertaining, his days consist of lying on the floor in front of Cartoon Network, playing in his room, playing with my friend's borrowed Wii, or riding his scooter on our driveway. I know he would prefer to be at the pool or to have a friend over, but the thought of going to the pool is far from my mind, and having a friend over involves me a lot more than I would like. At least we'll be with my parents next week, and Zach will have my dad to play with in the evenings.

The doctor says that my pain is caused by the baby sitting really low. What she didn't say was how to fix it. I am supposed to wear a support belt, but it cuts into me when I sit down, which I tend to do A LOT.

All right, enough whining for now. I think I have enough energy to walk over to the couch and lie down with a library book. I am the epitome of excitement!

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