Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Never a Dull Moment

We had a nice weekend with my parents. My dad helped Darren move furniture around in the future baby's room, and we went out to eat Japanese Saturday night. Sunday, Darren, Zach and I went to a neighbor's birthday party, then a sibling class at the hospital. Mom, Dad, Zach, Buddy (Mom and Dad's dog), and I left for Lafayette around 5:15 Sunday, and got here around 9:30.

Monday, Mom and I hung out around the house, reading, and the only thing I did was to go to Target with Dad that evening for some essentials. Around 7:00, my back and upper abdomen really started to hurt. I wasn't worried that I was in labor, because there were no contractions. I hadn't eaten much that day, so figured it was gas. I took a bath, tried to lie down in different positions, and took a walk with my dad. I couldn't get any relief, so around 9:00 we headed to the hospital. They took me straight to labor and delivery, and put me on some monitors for the baby's heartbeat and contractions. I saw the OB on duty, and he agreed that it was probably gas, but if it continued, advised me to have my gallbladder checked. Around 11:00, they gave me a Mylicon pill, which had me feeling better in about 40 minutes. Soon after that, we were sent home with instructions to take gas medicine after every meal, and go back if the pain started again. After stopping at the store, we were home around 12:15. Around 1:00, the pain started back with a vengeance. It felt like someone was squeezing my chest, I couldn't breathe, and couldn't sit or lie down. I took another gas pill and debated waking my dad back up. At 1:30, I couldn't stand it anymore, so I woke Dad up and went and packed a bag. I figured I wasn't going to be sent home again.

We arrived at the hospital around 2:00, and I was put in a triage room. As soon as I undressed and climbed in bed, the pain stopped completely. The nurse decided to keep me overnight anyway, so I was put in a room off the labor and delivery unit, and an IV was started. I sent Dad home to bed, because I knew how tired he was. Plus, at 3:00 in the morning, I didn't want to do anything besides sleep. I slept utnil about 7:15, when my breakfast tray was brought in, and my nurse and the OB on duty came to introduce themselves. I hadn't eaten in close to 15 hours at this point, so I wolfed down my breakfast and tried to get some more sleep. That was interrupted by the nutritionist, someone with food services offering me a popsicle, and phone calls from my mom and husband. The nurse came back around 9:00 and told me that the gallbladder scan couldn't be done until I hadn't eaten for eight hours. Why didn't we do it before breakfast, I wanted to know?

I lolled around in bed all day, reading and sleeping. My parents brought Zach in a couple of times to see me, and the scan was finally done around 4:00. It turns out that I have gallstones, but they don't want to remove it until after the baby is born. Until then, I am supposed to follow a low-fat diet, which stinks. I'm pregnant; I'm supposed to be able to eat what I want right now without consequence!

After getting this news,I was told that I was going to be released. I begged them to feed me before they sent me home, since I had gone all day without food. Also, I knew I would get a hot meal, and wouldn't have to try to decide what I could and couldn't have. So, a tray was brought in. Only in South Louisiana would the low-fat diet consist of round steak with rice and LOW-FAT gravy, corn, a roll, and low-fat pound cake. Lunch yesterday would have been pork roast stuffed with sausage, and lunch today would have been smothered chicken with more rice and gravy. I must say, that dinner was great! I ate every bit, then Dad took me home. Hopefully there won't be any more attacks anytime soon. Now, if I could only get rid of this nasty sinus infection...

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