Friday, August 10, 2007

I can't get a break!

This week started out well, but has gone downhill since Monday. The good news is that my classroom is pretty much ready to go, and my house is clean. I still have to do lesson plans, but I have all of the materials to do them at home with me. Since I am going from one to two subjects (well, basically four, if you count spelling, grammar and writing) in a 65-minute period, it's going to be a little tricky to plan for that and all the extra things we have, like assemblies. My goal is to get all of my plans written through Christmas before the beginning of September. I know it's early to start thinking about these things, but at the rate my pregnancy is going, I don't think I'll be working very long before I have this baby.

That brings us to the not-so-good news. I did work pretty hard on Wednesday in my classroom, but not hauling heavy boxes around or anything. Yesterday, I really took it easy, sitting in a chair and reading for most of the day. Since the housekeepers were coming this morning, I planned to spend some time in the afternoon clearing the boxes from the hallway upstairs. I planned to put them in our already overcrowded office, and sat down on the floor in there to clear out some room. Around 5:00, the doorbell rang, and it was UPS delivering some clothes that I ordered from Kohl's. I took them upstairs to try them on, went to the bathroom, and realized I was spotting. I've also had some menstrual-like cramps the past couple of days, but didn't get too worried about them.

When I saw the blood, I called my doctor, and the nurse told me to go and lie down for the evening. She said to go to the hospital if there was any more, and if not, to call the office in the morning. I called Darren and told him my wonderful news, and he was a little miffed, because he planned to work late last night. He ended up coming home and cleaning up all of the boxes, then working from home. I didn't have any more bleeding last night, just cramping, and slept OK last night.

We went to the doctor at 9:15 this morning, and I have gained a whole pound, bringing my grand total up to 9. She checked me, and my cervix is starting to soften. She doesn't seem to think that I will make it to my due date, and I agree with her. She is not worried about the baby, but wants me to make it at least another month. I hope that I get to go back to work, at least for a few weeks, but we'll have to wait and see what happens. I would be really disappointed if I had to go back to work before Christmas, but it's kind of looking like things might turn out that way. I have a shower scheduled for the 8th of September; we may be doing that in the hospital!

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  1. Girl you have to take it easy!! You DO NOT want to be on bed rest or have that baby early. Speaking from experience (twice over). Please call me if you need anything. I will be more than willing to help with Zach's party or your classroom or whatever!!!! Just call me. (BTW our home number changed so call my cell) :)