Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Update on Previous Post

I went back upstairs an hour later, and not much progress had been made in the room. The TV was on, as well, which was a MAJOR no-no. I disconnected the TV, then sat down to watch Zach clean. I finally caved in and helped him, and amazingly, he got it done. It took all afternoon, and pre-empted any other plans I had for today, but at least that room is clean, and he has room for new toys this weekend.

Now, who wants to buy a set of metal (pre-lead) Thomas trains and accessories, and a Geo Trax set? I'll make you a great deal...


  1. Anonymous9:51 PM

    Wow! Sounds like you have had a busy and stressful day! Make sure you check that off your to do list ... well, you might want to scribble it out with a sharpie ;)

    Jen :)

  2. Anonymous11:01 PM

    More power to you if you can get rid of the Geo Trax. Have you seen all the new crap for that thing? I'm wondering how long I can keep Todd away from the toy store so we won't end up with even more train stuff. Notice my worry is more with the father than the son!

    Good for you for having him clean up.
    Have a fun time at the party.

    Jen 2