Monday, August 20, 2007

I MIght Have a Date!

After too little sleep and much heartburn, I went to the doctor this morning for my weekly visit. I had to wait over an hour, because she had to leave and do an emergency C-section (I was sorta jealous). When she finally came in, we discussed my insomnia, for which I got an Ambien prescription, going back to work tomorrow, for which I got a note saying that I can't ride school buses, lift anything over ten pounds, or stand up for long periods of time, and how long she is going to let me go before inducing. Three of my friends who are currently pregnant, and due after me, have already gotten dates, and I am jealous! I am such a control freak that I even want to plan when my baby's birth will happen. There are so many things to coordinate: Mom and Dad coming in, a substitute for my classroom, Darren's vacation time, etc.

The doctor said that I can pick any date after 38 weeks to be induced. If I manage to work until September 21st, I will be able to take off work until January 2nd. That is what I REALLY want to do, but I know these things don't always go as planned. 38 weeks falls on September 24th, my birthday, so I was thinking September 26th or 28th. I wanted to make it to October, but I don't care anymore. We can't make it official until a week in advance, so maybe I'll change my mind before then. Who knows.

I guess I need to go and use my last day of freedom to its potential. I feel like I have wasted so much time already today, and my body is telling me to go and lie on the couch and watch some TLC. I will try very hard not to give in to that, and instead make sure the house is picked up, laundry is done, and there is food in the kitchen. Wish me luck!


  1. danielle6:41 PM

    Dang! My doctor was going to let me go to 38 weeks, which would be the real due date is the birthday! As of last Thursday, my doctor thinks I will be lucky to make it until Labor Day!! If I do by chance, they are going to induce me later that week....I wanted to get through half of September, but this girl is engaged, cervix is soft, and I am ready to burst! Sounds like things are better on your end though with all the complications, glad to hear it! Take care!!

  2. October 6 is not a bad day ... if you can make it that long. ;o)

  3. Anonymous9:04 PM

    Your photographer would like to know a week in advance to also get a sub ;)

    :) Jen