Monday, September 24, 2007

Week 38

We're in the home stretch now, and it feels great! Friday was my last day of work, and it was so weird to walk out of my classroom that day. Everything was ready to go, and my substitute came and met with me that afternoon. I hope she does a good job with the kids, but that's about the only part of the equation that I can't control. I really don't want to hear about what's going on in there for a while.

We had a nice weekend. I can't remember what, if anything we did Friday night. Saturday, we woke up early and went shopping. We bought the dog a new bed so whoever ends up sleeping on the couch won't hear his nails hitting the plastic bottom of the cage during the night. We also went down to Super Target and spent some of the gift card money. That was fun, but I don't think Darren enjoyed it as much as I did. I bought formula, toys, a dishwasher basket, and some other things I felt were essentials. Then, we went to Babies R Us to exchange some duplicate things I had gotten, and I bought a cool shopping cart/highchair cover for later, along with an Ultimate Crib Sheet. That will be so nice for when she wets the crib in the middle of the night!

Saturday evening, we went to a swimming party for a neighbor. Being in the water was really nice, and Zach did a great job of swimming. I got really tired at the end, though, so we left a few minutes early. I found that I am able to eat pizza again; I guess the baby moving down has taken some of the pressure off my gall bladder. I sure am enjoying getting to experience more of a variety of food! I am actually interested in eating again. My friend Jen came over Saturday night with a birthday present for me, and brought her new man for us to meet. I really like him, and hope that they work out.

Yesterday, I cooked breakfast while Darren worked in the yard, then made room in the kitchen cabinets for bottles. They are all ready to go now! We went and picked up our desktop computer at the Apple store, then hit the grocery store. That is one task that I really hate, because of having to stand still in line to check out. I don't mind walking around, but once I stop, my body is ready to lie down.

Today is my 33rd birthday. Yippie. I really don't care either way about it, but I guess it's part of life. It was weird not having to get up and go to work, and I accomplished a lot today. I finished thank-you notes from my first shower, finished laundry, had lunch with Zach, took a nap, picked Zach up from school, finished a book, installed the baby's car seat, cleaned out the nursery, and started baby laundry. Darren took us out to eat Japanese tonight, and now he is watching the Saints play Tennessee. I just can't get into football anymore. It's nice to have on as background noise, but I can't imagine sitting down and doing nothing besides watching the game.

I think I was going to fold laundry and clean the kitchen before I sat down at the computer. I guess I'd better get to that. Four more days!

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  1. Linda Hill11:58 PM

    Happy Birthday Alana.
    Enjoy your week as you anticipate the arrival of your new baby girl.