Friday, November 02, 2007

It's Been Five Weeks Already?

Wow, the time is flying by this fall! I am doing my best to enjoy every minute with Zoe, but it's really hard to do that and keep up with life. I wanted to participate in NaBloPoMo (National Blog Posting Month), but I already missed yesterday. Oh, well.

Anyway, since the last time I posted, we've had a lot going on. We headed to Lafayette on the 20th of October for the weekend. Zoe did great in the car, and we managed to fit all of the baby gear in there. I was a little worried. It's been a while since we've had to haul all sorts of extra stuff around, and I just knew we were going to forget something crucial, like bottles. We managed to cram in everything that we wanted to do while we were there. Saturday morning, we went to the UL Homecoming parade. The weather was perfect, and Zach had a great time. Afterward, Darren and I took Zoe and ate at Piccadilly, which is a cafeteria-style place similar to Luby's here in Texas. I hadn't been there since I was a kid, and Darren and I seemed to be the only people there under the age of 60. We then went to the mall to look for a shirt for Darren's reunion that evening, but didn't find anything. Later that afternoon, we all went to a pumpkin patch to get our Halloween pumpkins. Zach had a great time in the moonwalk, and we went on a hayride. That evening, Darren and I went to his 20th high school reunion. It was at a restaurant, and was kind of lame, but not as bad as his last reunion. We had a private room, and a few people walked around and socialized, but for the most part, everyone just sat at their table. The food wasn't the greatest, and at one point, I was so bored I was ready to gouge my eyes out. I survived, though. Sunday, we went to see Darren's sister's new house, and headed home.

Last weekend, we had a Cub Scout camping trip. It was at Huntsville State Park, and the weather was gorgeous. We were at the top of a hill, across the street from a lake, and the temperature was perfect. Zoe and I went with Darren and Zach Saturday morning. We set up the tent, ate a delicious lunch, then the boys raced wooden boats in the "Raingutter Regatta". Zach was pretty upset at not winning, but forgot about that quickly enough. Afterward, the boys carved pumpkins, and when I left, they were having a pinecone war. They had made forts out of pine needles, and would hide behind those and throw pinecones at each other. Of course, a few got hurt, but that was all part of the fun. Zoe and I left around 5:00, but I wished we could have stayed. I really like all of the families who we have gotten to know through Scouts. I hope that we continue to have a good experience, because it's nice to meet more people who live in our area, and have similar interests. We've had a bumpy start to the year, but things are starting to run more smoothly. I am the co-leader of Zach's den, though I am not sure exactly what my role is yet.

Halloween was a lot of fun. I felt bad that I really didn't decorate, since I usually go all-out. On Tuesday and Wednesday, I went to four stores in the hopes of finding something that I could put up quickly, but of course, Halloween had already been clearanced out and Christmas was up in full force. It's not that I don't have decorations, but getting them out required more energy than I had to give. It would have been easier just to buy new stuff. If you saw my garage right now, you'd understand...

I picked Zach and his friend Ethan up from school Wednesday afternoon, and we came home and changed into their costumes. First, we went to our local shopping center to Trick-or-Treat, and finished that in about twenty minutes. I picked up a pizza, met up with Ethan's mom to drop him off, then we came home to eat. We waited until dark to leave the house, because it's no fun to trick-or-treat in daylight. We put Zoe in her stroller and went around our neighborhood. It's nice that we know so many more people now, and we ran into several of our new friends while we were walking around. After we finished in our neighborhood, we got in the car and drove two streets over to where one of Zach's friends from school lives. He and his dad had a haunted house in their garage, and we wanted to check that out. I am so jealous; there was a large group of people sitting around on their driveway, and lots of kids running around in the yard. Our street just isn't that social, and we had that closeness with our neighbors growing up. I wish we lived on a cul-de-sac where it would be safe to play in the street. Our street is just too busy for that. We do have a block party coming up on the 11th, so maybe we'll meet more of our neighbors.

This weekend, Mom and Dad are coming here, and Mom and I are going to a big craft fair tomorrow morning. I hope to finally get a chance to get my hair cut; it's been since April! Darren is going to be working all day tomorrow, then he and I are going out to dinner for our anniversary (which was last Sunday) tomorrow night. We haven't been to the Melting Pot in a long time, and I can't wait to go back! I need to not eat all day tomorrow to save room. Zach is going to spend the night with a friend tonight, and and I don't know what else we are going to do. Maybe I can convince Dad to spend some time in our poor, neglected yard. It's bad, and I don't know where to start. We have pine needles everywhere, and also need some seasonal plants.

Well, I guess I need to go and unload the groceries that I bought this morning. I only had time to unload the refrigerated stuff before it was time to go to the chiropractor, and everything else is still out on the counter. Mom and Dad will be here soon, and I don't want to look like a slacker!

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