Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Not Gonna Happen

I was really motivated to participate in NaBloPoMo, but the days seem to be escaping me more and more right now, and there's no way I can post every day. There's always next year...

I sat down Monday morning to post about our weekend, but realized I was running late for the chiropractor. I am cramming in every medical appointment that I can right now, since I will not have any more days to take off work with pay once I go back to work. So, Zach and Zoe aren't allowed to get sick until after June 6th, unless it's on a weekend or holiday. Right.

Here's how my week is shaping up: I have a chiropractor's appointment Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at 10:30. I am loving it, and feel better than I have in ages. I had a dentist appointment yesterday, which I had forgotten about, to have a cavity filled. Tomorrow, we have an ultrasound and VCUG scheduled for Zoe at the hospital. What's a VCUG? I had to call the pediatrician to ask about that, and by some fluke, actually got him on the phone. Basically, they insert a catheter and run some dye through her urinary system to make sure that she doesn't have reflux. That is when urine flows back from the bladder to the kidneys, and it would shorten the life of her kidneys. If she does have reflux, I think there's a simple surgical procedure to fix it, and it's better to catch it now. The reason why this is being done is to figure out why Zoe had a bladder infection at two weeks old. I'm glad I called the doctor, because I was really wondering if that $323 would be better spent elsewhere. Anyway, after that appointment, I am supposed to go and chaperone Zachary's school field trip, then we have a Cub Scout meeting tomorrow evening. Friday, I have my postpartum check-up with my OB and am supposed to try to go to my school for their all "E" luncheon for the first nine weeks. Saturday, we have to pick up the popcorn that Zachary sold for Cub Scouts, and Sunday, we have a neighborhood block party. Do you think there's any way that I am bored right now?

Because of all these things that take me out of the house, I am trying really hard not to stress over the fact that the house is not cleaned every day. I'd like to at least pick up everything, but that doesn't happen, not when I have a baby to take care of, and I make some sort of effort to relax. I am SO glad that Darren doesn't care. I just have to make sure to hide the Christmas presents that I bought today before Zach gets off the bus at 3:45.

Oh, wasn't I supposed to be posting about my weekend? So, I get a little distracted sometime...Mom and Dad came in around 1:00 on Friday, and we picked Zachary up from school. We took him to pick up his new glasses, then came home and he and Dad played in the yard. He left to go spend the night with a friend around 5:00, and I actually cooked dinner. Mom and I went to the mall that night, and sadly, I didn't find any clothes to buy. Zoe started smiling that night, and of course, smiled at everyone but me first. Zachary came home around 11:30 that night, for several unclear reasons. I think he missed us, and we missed him.

Saturday, Darren spent the day working at the University of Houston for the AIR rally; teams designed websites for different non-profits, and they did one for the Beer Can House. Mom, Dad, the kids, and I went to a craft fair at a local elementary school, then headed into Houston to go and buy a baby sling for me. The store we went to was really cool, and they had all sorts of (expensive) things that I didn't know that I needed. I then took them to eat at Rudy's, which is a new barbecue place that opened here. There are several in the Austin area, but this is the first one in Houston. As always, it was worth the wait. Saturday afternoon, Mom and I went to Wal-Mart to hunt for some elusive new die-cast cars that have come out, and that night, Darren and I finally went out to eat for our anniversary. We went to the Melting Pot and ate ourselves silly, and afterward, were too full to do anything beside come home. Sunday, we hung out at the house, Darren cooked breakfast tacos, and Mom and Dad left around 1:00. We went for a walk that afternoon, then came home and took the training wheels off Zach's bike. He mastered riding without them immediately, and took off riding. I was so proud of him!

Well, I have one hour until Zach gets home. I need to hurry and go relax and clean up. Maybe I can do them both at the same time.

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