Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Master Procrastinator

I feel like things are getting out of hand over here, and when they do, I generally just shut down and don't accomplish anything worthwhile. I feel like the house has been out of control since coming home from South Carolina, and I'm just not motivated enough to do anything about it. Zoe's crib and the dining room table are full of clean clothes, and there are still more dirty things to be washed. I need to take care of that before Chance sleeps on all the clean clothes and I have to rewash them!

Besides the laundry, last week was a blur. I spent the evenings, when I wasn't procrastinating, pulling things out to sell in a garage sale. I hoped to make enough money to pay for my summer school class, and stayed up until 1:00 Saturday morning pricing things. My friend Jennifer spent the night Friday night, and we loaded up three SUVS of stuff to sell. We spent from 6:00am-12:30pm in a junior high parking lot, and I made $177. It's more than I had before, and I did get lots of things out of our house, but I was disappointed that the clothes that I had didn't sell. I ended up just donating what was left to a charity.

I found out last Friday that I did not get the art position at my school. I'm a little disappointed, but not devastated. I think my partners took it harder than I did! My principal and I had a good talk, and she knows that I plan to resign. I did apply for an art position at an elementary school on Friday, but that principal never responded, and the position is gone now. I feel like this is an opportunity for me to figure out what I can do that will make me happy, and is a push in that direction. I need to find a job by August 15th, since that will be when I receive my last paycheck from the school district. Maybe another art position will come up; if not, I will find something different (what?) to do beginning when school starts in the fall.

We found a new babysitter for Zoe, and she will start next Monday. I love our current sitter, but she just doesn't seem too settled. She's moving out of her rental home May 1st, and is moving in with another family who she sits for. They still don't have a place to move to, and I am not comfortable with her watching Zoe in someone else's home. I hate to lose her, but I need stability. We found a lady who has been watching kids for 23 years, and her 3-car garage has been converted into her daycare. She has six children who she watches, and is state-registered. I think we will really like her, but I don't want to have to pay her all summer to keep a place for Zoe in the fall. Zoe will probably go to the daycare that Zach went to, but they don't take kids until their first birthday.

I guess I'd better go tackle some of Mt. Clothesmore and make Zachary start his homework. We are heading to Lafayette this weekend for Festival International, and it is also Darren's 39th birthday. I hope the weather cooperates!

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