Friday, April 04, 2008

Running Away

Not really. It's been a long week, and I am thankful that it is (almost) over. After much deliberation, Darren bought a black Honda CR-V Tuesday night. I spent three hours cooking dinner that night, not realizing that he wasn't going to be home to eat it. I made my friend Jennifer come over and eat while waiting for Darren to get home. The CR-V is really nice, and I even got to drive it to Cub Scouts last night! It's roomy enough for us to take a family trip in it, but small enough that it gets good gas mileage.

Getting ready for my substitute next week was such a headache. There are so many details to leave, along with very specific lesson plans and copies. Not to mention instructions for the TAKS test on Tuesday. Another teacher is going to cover my room that day, and my substitute will be sent off to sixth grade. I just hope that everything goes smoothly. The kids know the routine, but for a lot of them, it seems like they have given up on school for the year. That's scary, because we have eight more weeks of school. Speaking of school, there hasn't been a word said to me about the job. I was hoping to find out before the end of this week, but I am not sure what their timeframe is. I signed my contract for next year, and I have until July 11th to resign.

Zoe and I are headed to South Carolina in the morning. My purse and diaper bag have been cleaned out, the cameras are charged, and all of the clothes are clean. I just need to get everything in a suitcase and get my entertainment stuff together. I doubt there will be much time for that, though, since I am flying alone with an infant. I hope we both make it back in one piece, and aren't dropped off the airplane in midair. Zoe is such a good baby, but when she cries, it's piercing. My pediatrician suggested Benadryl before flying; we'll see if I'm brave enough. If everything goes well, I'll have a new nephew on Monday. Maybe this will inspire my sister to actually post something on her blog, since it's been over a year!

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