Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Not Much to Say

We survived Darren's absence this weekend, and had a good time with Mom and Dad. Mom and I did some shopping, we spent Saturday afternoon/evening at Zach's school carnival, we cooked, and played with the kids. I was sad to see them leave Monday morning, but the kids and I did just fine Monday night and yesterday morning on our own. We had our annual nighttime performance at school last night, and the kids just went with me. Zach walked with me, helping to "grade" the students, and I wore Zoe in her front pack. I only got accosted by one parent, so I guess we're okay.

Darren rolled in around 1:30 this morning, and we all had a rough day. My legs hurt from all the walking last night, and I had a hard time putting together a coherent sentence. Needless to say, my students didn't learn a whole lot today. I had a rough afternoon, and spent the latter part of it just trying to keep it together until it was time to go home. After a bike ride, some reading time, and some Guitar Hero therapy, I'm feeling better. Of course, I have to go back to work tomorrow, but only until noon.

Zoe's babysitter is sick, so Darren is going to keep her in the morning, and I will take over after noon. I don't mind missing work one bit right now. This project, which I can't stand, but looks good for the parents, is stressing me out, even though I vowed it wouldn't this year. Several students still haven't turned in the research paper and timeline, which were due last Monday. I quit bothering them about it, but since some of them are special ed, and they're not supposed to fail, I have to keep after them. Also, I've had at least one parent per day call or email to complain about the project, or their child's grade. We spent eight weeks on this project, and students were given specific instructions almost daily. I will not do this next year!

On the job front, I feel like there are more and more signs in my life that I need to give up teaching. I like it less and less each day, and am completely miserable the whole time I am at school each day. One of my classes is extremely difficult, and I am so angry after spending an hour with them each day. They never stop talking or walking around the room for them to teach me, but get angry when they don't understand something and I won't explain it yet again. I could just walk out one day and never go back!

One of the options that I have been exploring is teaching art. I am certified, and have tried for the last few years to make the switch. It's hard to find an art position, and it happens that my school has two positions open for next year. I've been given the opportunity to observe the art classes tomorrow morning to decide if I want to apply for the position. I thought this would happen before the jobs were posted online. I've worked at this school for five years, and haven't made it a secret that I want to teach art. Next year's principal e-mailed me today to let me know that two experienced art teachers have already applied for the position. Talk about a slap in the face! Should I even bother applying? It doesn't sound like I have a chance.

I'm going drink some wine now.

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