Thursday, March 20, 2008

Sadly Mistaken

I don't have time for a full update right now, since I am supposed to be gathering stuff for our taxes, cleaning up for the housekeepers tomorrow, and packing to go to Louisiana for the weekend. All I'm going to say is that I wish I hadn't posted that last time. Since I last wrote, everyone in our house has been sick, even Zachary. In addition to that, Darren smashed his car up Tuesday night, and I have gotten a significantly smaller amount done around here than I would have hoped.

For me, Spring Break is pretty much over, since we are leaving tomorrow for the weekend. I still have not gotten research papers graded, nor did I make time to get some scrapbooking done. I also haven't found someone to take over my den leader position within our Cub Scout pack. I guess I should focus more on the positive; I finally finished laundry, cooked dinner several times this week, got a haircut and massage, bought some new denim capris, and Darren walked away from a really bad accident unscathed. In addition, we get to spend the weekend with family, and our house is being cleaned tomorrow by someone other than me. One last thing that I almost forgot: I registered for a summer school class today at our local community college and got my first student ID in at least eleven years. That was humbling!

Next week, I guess we'll have to go car shopping. Not what we had planned for the present, but now it's a necessity. With all of Darren's driving that he does to and from work, our life with two SUVs is over.

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