Wednesday, March 05, 2008

New Exciting Post Coming Soon!

I have tried to sit down and write for almost a week now, but have been too tired or busy to make any sense. There's not a whole lot going on here anyway. We didn't do much this past weekend, besides the Beer Can Opener Friday night (see my Flickr photos), and this week at work has been stressful in preparation for reading TAKS today. I am so glad that's over! It was a LOOONNGGGG day of sitting and doing nothing while the kids tested. We're not allowed to do anything beside walk around and stare at the kids, and the pile of projects sitting on my desk taunted me. Tomorrow, we are watching Shrek 3, and I am going to grade my heart out!

Darren is leaving Friday for his annual geek-fest trip to Austin for SXSW Interactive. He's so excited he can barely contain himself, but I am dreading trying to keep both the kids dressed and fed by myself. My parents are coming in to babysit us for the weekend, and hopefully staying until Monday. I have my kids' Wax Museum performance Tuesday night, so I will be grading with a baby in her front pack and Zach walking beside me.

In other news, spring break begins next Friday, and I can hardly wait! I am staying home this year, except for maybe a weekend trip to Lafayette for Easter. The kids are going to the sitter for a couple of days, and I have lofty goals of cleaning out the office and working on my scrapbooking. I have been itching to do it for a while, and just need to get everything set up so I can get back into it. I have several albums that I need to work on, and getting started seems to be the hardest thing for me.

Time to go fall asleep on the couch in front of some recorded TV.

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