Sunday, June 29, 2008

We spent a pretty lazy weekend. It's so nice having Darren work at home on Friday, because that means that our weekend can begin when he stops working at 5:30, instead of waiting for him to get home and be exhausted around 7:00. Friday evening, we went and met some friends at the neighborhood pool. The boys splashed around, the parents talked, and Zoe hung out in her float. It started to get cold, so we didn't stay until closing. Friday night, we scrounged in the freezer to find dinner, then the boys played Zelda until really late. I went to bed at 11:15, and they were still playing.

Yesterday, I had every intention of spending the day studying. I have two tests the day after we come home from Schlitterbahn, and I have to finish my test review, plus read and fill out the PowerPoint for Chapter 8. I think I spent about three hours on and off working on it, because there were constant interruptions. If the phone wasn't ringing, Zach or Zoe needed something. Darren made it his mission to get the toilet put in the bathroom, so he spent all day working there. There were two trips made to Sears Hardware, but besides that, we didn't leave the house. After dinner, which we ate at 9:45, we watched Camp Rock. It was cute, and Zach enjoyed having us do something together. Zoe woke up around 11:15, and I brought her downstairs and gave her a bottle. I started realizing that we have three months left of bottles, and she's not really a baby anymore. She eats table food, and wants to sit up instead of lying down. I know that before long, she won't want to snuggle anymore, and that hurts to think about it. I took Zoe back upstairs, and fell asleep with her in bed.

Today, Darren let me sleep until almost 10:00. We decided to go out for breakfast, and it was 11:00 by the time everyone was dressed and ready to go. After driving by the place we wanted to go, and seeing that there were so many people waiting that they were spilling out into the parking lot, we decided to try a new place. It's a fairly new Mexican restaurant, but they do an American breakfast. There was an older Hispanic man playing guitar and singing, but he wasn't singing Mexican music. It was strange to hear John Mayer coming out of him! Anyway, we enjoyed the food, and Zoe had pancakes, bacon, scrambled eggs,watermelon, and tortillas.

After breakfast, we decided to make a quick trip to the mall, because I wanted sunglasses and Darren wanted a new pair of swim trunks. Three hours and one swimsuit and sunglasses for me, as well as ice cream for Zach, and a new shirt for my dad, we followed our original plan of going to Home Depot for bathroom accessories. We bought a mirror, towel ring and toilet paper holder for our newly remodeled half-bath, and finally headed home.

I spent quite a bit of time doing schoolwork this afternoon while Zoe napped, then she woke up angry. She either has a cold or ear infection; her nose is running with yellow mucous, and she is pulling on her ear. She spent quite a bit of time crying this evening, then the whole family went to the grocery store. I wore Zoe in her sling, and she didn't make a peep the whole trip. We came home, ate breakfast food for dinner, then put Zoe to bed. Darren, Zach and I watched Ice Road Truckers, and Darren made it through about 20 minutes before passing out. He's still on the couch now; he'll stumble upstairs eventually.

Oh, test update: I made a B. 9 people out of the 21 made an F, so I felt really good about it. I've made As on everything else, and think I made an A on the lab practical last Wednesday. I hope I can keep my grades up, and make at least a B for the semester. I have a nursing informational session tomorrow, and I plan to try to get credit for a psych class. It was a graduate class that I took for teacher certification, and the one I have to take for nursing school is a sophomore level class. I plan to take my syllabus and textbook tomorrow and see what happens!

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  1. Great job on your test! It sounds like you all had a great family weekend. :)