Wednesday, July 02, 2008


My sister suggested this post after I told her the story, so here it is...

We were at the grocery store Sunday evening, and Zach was being unusually good. Darren took the cart and Zoe to go and get some cat litter, and Zach came with me to get some napkins, which are also on the toy aisle.

Those of you who know us know what a big Cars fan Zachary is. His sheets, pajamas, hat, shoes, etc. are all Cars-related. We've been collecting the die cast figures since they came out, and Zachary is always looking for new ones.

Anyway, Zach spotted a car that he didn't have, and I told him he could get it, since his behavior was good at the store. We walked to meet Darren and Zoe, and Darren looked at me, then licked the side of my face and told me I tasted like grape. I asked him why he had done that, and he said that he wanted to see what flavor sucker I was. That was a new one to me!


  1. Darren never ceases to amuse us!

  2. Too funny!