Thursday, July 24, 2008

Irons in the Fire

I think I am almost fully recovered from surgery. I went back to the doctor Tuesday, and they did some horrible things to me that I am not sure most people would want to read about. Let's just say they numbed my nose and used a vacuum to clean out my sinuses. It hurt like hell, because I have broken bones in my nose, and you can't numb that. Anyway, moving on to more pleasant topics...

My class is still going well. I guess my studying is paying off for me, because I think I may be able to pull off an A. My teacher had the same surgery as me, so she hasn't been feeling up to much. I have another test and practical August 6th, along with a research paper due that day (no, I haven't started yet). My final is August 13th, and then there is a short reprieve before the start of the fall semester. I may take the kids and go visit my parents in Louisiana for a few days then.

School starts for both Zachary and me August 25th, and I am taking 11 hours this fall. Only one of them, A&P II, is a campus class; the rest are online. Hopefully I survive the semester!

I am still extremely nervous about giving up my job. I know I made the right decision, but I don't want to put us in a major financial bind. Since I am only going to be going to school two days a week, I plan to work the other three. I have several options right now: teach at a preschool (they contacted me), tutor after school, teach childbirth classes through the YMCA and a new family clinic, and I've applied to work in the education department at my college. Who knows, I may end up doing all of them! My goal is to keep Zachary out of after-school care, and not have to modify our lifestyle too much. I know the housekeepers are going (sob), and the YMCA membership, but there's not a whole lot else that we can cut out. Two more paychecks to go...

We're headed to Louisiana next weekend for my nephew's baptism. I can't wait to have him and Zoe together! We are also going to do a photo session with a photographer, and I am sure, have a family Wii tournament. Besides that, I am leaving the house as little as possible. I think it's having two kids and how difficult it is to go anywhere, but I prefer to stay home these days. God knows I have plenty to keep me busy around here, and if I don't leave the house, I'm less likely to spend money. I also haven't really wanted to talk on the phone lately; I just feel like I should be spending all of my time studying and keeping the house clean.

More excitement later; I'm going work on the office while the kids are quiet.

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