Tuesday, July 08, 2008

One Hurdle Down

We had a great time in New Braunfels at Schlitterbahn this past weekend. It was definitely a slower-paced trip since we had an infant this time, but still enjoyable. Weighing heavily on my mind the whole time was my test that I had tonight, and the fact that I had to learn all of the bones in the body. I'd sit down to study every night, but end up being too tired, or get distracted. I planned to study in the car on the way home, but a certain little girl needed her mommy's attention for quite a while, then we both fell asleep.

I ended up studying with friend last night until after 1:00, then all day today. I don't think anyone felt like they did well on the practical. We had stations set up in the lab, and we had 90 seconds at each station to label either bones or parts of bones. It's much harder to do it that way than in a book! I'm just glad that part is over with. After the practical, we had our lecture test, which I felt like was easier. I really want to make at least a B in this class, so I can improve my chance of getting into nursing school next spring. My next test and practical is July 21st, and that one is supposed to be harder. We start dissecting the cat next week (I can hardly wait), and the practical will cover the muscles in the cat. I don't think doctors remember all of this stuff. I can't imagine a doctor being in surgery and discussing the greater trochanter of the femur. Or, maybe they do...

I was able to come home in time for dinner and some TV watching with Darren and my mom. Zoe was already in bed, but I went and hugged her, since I had to ignore her today to study. I gave myself the evening off tonight, but have two chapters to read and do notes on for the class I'll miss Wednesday, and the next study guide to begin.

My next hurdle is going to be surgery Wednesday. I'm nervous about it, but know that it will help my chronic sinus infections. What I am most worried about is the recovery period. I have to be all right to go to class next Monday. I'm not supposed to lift Zoe for a week, but seeing as I don't have a nanny, that's not likely to happen.

I plan to spend tomorrow (or later today) making sure the house is picked up, groceries are stocked, and everything is in order for me to be out of commission for a few days. I'm glad that Zach's not home for me to have to entertain him, but he'll be back Thursday to spread mess throughout the house. Sigh.

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  1. I will be thinking about you as you face your surgery! I will pray all will go smoothly and you will have a quick recovery. :)