Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Updates and Stuff

Well, things have been chaotic around here, as usual. The good news is that I got a job teaching three-year-olds at a preschool. Now, I don't have to worry about looking for a job for the fall. They follow the school district schedule, which is wonderful, and I will be off work early enough in the afternoons for Zach to come straight home from school. The pay isn't wonderful, but I am hoping to find some kids to tutor after school at my house to make up the difference.

I loved leading the childbirth discussion at the YMCA Saturday, and hope there will be more opportunities to do that in the future. They are supposed to be putting me on the fall calendar.

I found a location for my Cub Scout parent planning meeting for tomorrow night. That's a relief, because my house is in no condition for company! I started cleaning out the office Friday night, and took everything out and piled it in my dining room. I bought a huge new bookshelf at IKEA, and it holds all my scrapbooking things nicely. I still can't figure out what to do with all of the pictures, Zach's school work, and other assorted papers. I wish I could toss it all, but that's not me.

Zoe slept over 12 hours last night. That was a nice surprise, since she has been waking up twice each night to eat. We went to the pool yesterday evening, and I think it wore both the kids out. I guess we should do that more often, since Zach hadn't left the house since Saturday. Can you say cabin fever? There's only so much SpongeBob and Mario Kart I can take.

The bad news is that our air conditioner is broken. Not only are the pipes outside frozen, it's barely blowing, and there is a wet spot on the ceiling in the hallway upstairs. We have a window unit in our office, since it was added on, so it's nice and chilly in here. The rest of the house? Not so much. Remember, it's late July, and we live in south Texas. The technician is on his way over here, though, so that will be remedied soon, I hope.

Darren is almost finished with our half-bath remodel, and it's looking nice. We've also been having some work done in our backyard to get it ready for Zachary's birthday party. We're saving money this year by not going somewhere for the party, but we did just have $300 worth of rocks put in. I guess I should look at it as an investment. The dog looks at it as a great place to go to the bathroom.

Time to put Zoe down. She just finished eating an index card while she rolled around on the floor of the office, so she should be nice and full.

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